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What is feminism’s role in 2014?

Really interesting article about feminism on Conservative Home today by Louis Burfitt-Dons. In the article she states how feminism has become more of a capitalist, rather than Marxist, movement in today’s modern world. The author seems to think a gap is developing between “elitist” women and the rest of female population. Her “right wing feminism” seems to be very pragmatic. She acknowledges that women and men will continue to often act differently and like different things, but that they can both succeed.

One interesting quote she said was: “Those who are well-educated, talented, and attractive are now probably as much as 80 per cent ahead of the rest”, (referring to successful females v. the rest of the female population). But I think that group she mentioned is also 80% ahead of non-talented, poorly educated and unattractive men. It seems to me that the market and education have allowed women to succeed. Women have succeeded by working hard (& generally beating men) at school and they are rapidly catching up with men in the workplace.

But is there really much point anymore in comparing woman’s performance with men? There are women presidents (probably our next one), prime ministers, CEOs, deans, professors, super star athletes, super star actresses and singers as well as pretty much any profession. Of the top people followed on social media or searched for, all but Justin Beiber are women. Also, there is still great mothers who choose to stay at home to raise their children.

So is equality here to stay (in the western world) and we should no longer consider gender? Or is it important to take into account the performances of the sexes not only for the sake of the cause of women, but to encourage men to turn around their increasingly poor performance in schools? In a world moving from patriarchy to the direction of matriarchy, what role does and should feminism play?

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