Monday , July 22 2024

Two Things to think about for the weekend and leading up to the Liebour conference next week.

Well, Labour’s party conference is next week. As always, they are promising the moon and have no plans to pay for any of it. One of their recent central platforms will be reintroducing the spare room subsidy, the current policy called the “bedroom tax” by left wingers. Besides this not making financial sense, Conservative Home has a wonderful article about how the spare room subsidy is immoral because it allows people on public housing to have spare rooms while the UK expediences a housing shortage.

The young have traditionally always found their home on the left. In America, Barrack Obama beat Mitt Romney among young voters 67 to 30 percent. However, the most You Gov/Sun poll shows the Conservatives actually beating Labour among voters 18-25 by 4 points, the best Conservatives fare among any age group besides the Over-65s (where they have a 6 point lead). It looks like the young, who grew up in New Labour, are more able to see the failings of Labour than their parents. (The overall poll showed Conservatives and Labour tied at 36, UKIP at 12 & the Lib Dems at 10).

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