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Unwind in the Misty Hills of Matheran

Matheran is undoubtedly an ideal destination to visit for a relaxing and fun vacation. Full of interesting tourist attractions, there will hardly be a moment when you are sitting idle or bored. Visit the town, pick from best Mathern hotels, and spend a wonderful vacation.

It is quite interesting to note that, in close proximity to the chaotic, polluted, bustling, and highly populated Mumbai and Pune cities there exists a tranquil place called Matheran, which is completely in stark contrast. Luscious greens, clean and unspoiled ambiance, a serene environment, and a pleasant climate that remains throughout the year, is a short and simple description of Matheran. Highly popular as an eco-sensitive region and the smallest hill station in the country, it is a time forgotten hill town nestled in the enchanting Sahyadri Hills of Raigad district in the state of Maharashtra.

A narrow gauge railway line connects to the mainline and is famous among rail enthusiasts across the globe. Passing through some highly verdant and scenic sites of the region, the journey on the Heritage Train is an adventure as it wends through exciting turns and tunnels. Besides rail, getting into Matheran by road is also an adventure.

Providing the tourists with numerous, stunning vantage points, heavenly waterfalls, misty hills and valley, pearl like lakes, deep rooted culture, rustic charm, and a genuine hospitality offered by the best Matheran hotels, it is quite rare that a backpacker passes through the area without being lured towards it.

In its serene and unpolluted environment the town snuggles the rich culture and history that today defines it. Matheran means a “forest on top”, which is evidently derived on the topology of the place, at an average height of 2516 feet above the sea level and capped with lush evergreen forests, including some medicinal herbs and plants. It is one of the most frequented weekend getaways in the parent state and at the same time, a good destination to spend a week or even more.

Since the place is not too big in area so most of the attractions can be accessed on foot, and as a matter of fact, the place can be best relished when one is on foot. However, since the place has been declared an eco-sensitive region, meaning that no motor vehicle is allowed to run inside the town’s province, the only transportation modes that you will get here are rickshaws, carts, and horseback riding. However, riding a horse or the rickshaw is worth trying, and while you do that try to relish every single minute of it.

Indeed a lot can be done and relished while you are here. The hill town is highly popular for the vantage points that dot it entirely. Just like the town, most of the vantage points were discovered by the British and thus named after their founder. One of the most tourists thronged vantage point is Panorama Point. Although it is at quite a distance from the town centre, it is well worth visiting. It is very popular and a beautiful one, for you can see the stunning views of the misty hills on one side and the snakelike Ulhas River on the other. It is also perfect for sunrise viewing and thus also known as Sunrise point.

To sum up all, Matheran being verdant, scenic, and whimsical hill station offers a wonderful holiday experience to all. Visit Matheran on your next vacation to explore and relish it for real. If you give preference to flights over trains or buses, the nearest airports are in Pune and Mumbai. Flights of all major air carriers like Indigo, Go Air Airlines, Spicejet, Air India, etc. from all over the country serve the two airports.

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