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Patnitop, Kashmir’s Spectacular Tourist Town

Patnitop is a basically a tourist town, which is aptly located in the Udhampur district of the beautiful Jammu and Kashmir state. The town is one of the hottest tourist destinations that is flocked by visitors throughout the year.

Aptly situated at an altitude of about 6640 feet above the sea level, Patnitop is one of the most beautiful towns in Indian territory and a highly sought-after tourist destination. The city dwells in the Udhampur district of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, and is the country’s premier destination for honeymooners and adventure holidaying. The town is basically a small tourist town, which means that the whole revenue of the town is derived solely from eco-tourism. The town is the nearest hill resort to Jammu and the city of Udhampur. Jammu is about 112 km away and houses the nearest airport and railway station to Patnitop. Meanwhile, Udhampur is the nearest large city to the tourist town, which is about 47 km away. This tourist town is situated on the Jammu-Srinagar Highway pass, and is basically perched atop of a plateau with landscapes that are capped by lush greenery. If one is about spending the holidays at a quiet-serene location, relaxing in the lap of motherly nature, Patnitop is the destination that he ought to visit.

The name of the town, “Patnitop” derives from a local word Patan Da Talab, which means a pond of the princess. It is said that in olden times, a princess often used to bathe in the natural pond that existed in the region. With the passage of time, there were several distortions made to the name, which finally settled with Patnitop. Meanwhile, the pond no longer exists today, but there are some parts, basically small pools existing near the local youth hostel that are conceived to be the remaining parts of the old pond.

In the meantime, the high altitude of the region makes the town experience a soothing weather throughout the year. The weather is always pleasant in the town, making it ideal for a visit across the year. Summers in Patnitop let one to bask on the rolling meadows, go trekking, enjoy bicycle rides, or simply take a relaxing nature walk in the shadows of the magnificent Himalayas. The winters on the other hand bring white foamy snow that covers the complete region, making it a white paradise on Earth. Things that one can relish in the town during winters is skiing, snowboarding, and snow mountain biking etc. For the high Adeline enthusiasts the town is the premier destination to head to. Patnitop is popular for Paragliding, parasailing, mountain biking, and skiing.

The town is small in area, and it doesn’t take much time to explore all the attractions of Patnitop. Meanwhile, it is one of the towns that is best when explored and discovered. A couple of chief places that are worth checking out when in the town include: Kud, Madhatop, Nag Temple, Sudh Mahadev Temple, Gaurikund, Shank Pal Temple, and Ladoo Ladi Sanasar.

Located in the dense green hills the town is yet to receive a significant boom of modernization. But the good thing is that given its tourism popularity, there is no dearth of hotels in Patnitop. The town is marked by excellent hotels, lodges, resorts located throughout the town, and offering wide window of options to choose from.

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