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French for fun

If you’ve always dreamed of speaking French like a native and dumping your phrase book then your best bet is to get yourself on the next plane to France. Textbooks can be useful but the true test is putting your language skills to work among real French folk in France.

Picking up a language is as much about getting out there and doing it as it is about learning verb tables. And if learning by immersion is the best way to master a language, it can also be fun. For example, activity holiday provider Action Outdoors will help you learn French on a fantastic sporting holiday.

Whether you’re into hiking, horse-riding, kite-surfing or mountain biking there is an array of activities to choose from. In between learning your feminine and masculine nouns why not try your hand at mountaineering, rock climbing or sailing? If you have a penchant for the nautical you can choose from sea-kayaking, windsurfing or paragliding. All activities are run by French people, so you will get the opportunity to put your new-found language skills to the test while enjoying the great outdoors.

The activities, food and instructors are all provided for you, so all you have to do is relax and focus on learning the language. There are activity courses at all levels, so whether you are already experienced or would like to learn or improve, then there is a group for you.

The holidays are very much a European experience with French, Swedish and British clients as well as many other nationalities. French and English are widely spoken, but you are encouraged to stick to French.

You will have ample opportunity in your private time to try out your newfound skills, as all the instructors and staff are French and live in the centres. In addition, there are equipment workshops on-site where you can collect your kit and the kitchen staff will provide you with delicious home made French food.

After a few days you will find conversation is made easy and you’ll find plenty of time over dinner to discuss your day’s adventures with new friends. On top of this there is even a bar with reasonably priced drinks.  Packages with Action Outdoors are all-inclusive – no hidden extras – and the only thing payable in resort is your bar bill.

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