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Fly-drive to Transylvania and beyond

When you think of fly-drive holidays, the US probably springs to mind. A fly-drive holiday to Romania, including the region of Transylvania, offers something a little different and in many ways more magical than anything Mickey Mouse can offer. Romania is largely undiscovered territory for British tourists, but this ancient …

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Greek Island-Hopping in Style

The beautiful Greek islands are just perfect for a spot of hopping, as many students will tell you. But you don’t need to live out of a backpack and navigate your way round the island’s hostels – hop aboard a luxury liner for a tour of the very best places …

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French for fun

If you’ve always dreamed of speaking French like a native and dumping your phrase book then your best bet is to get yourself on the next plane to France. Textbooks can be useful but the true test is putting your language skills to work among real French folk in France. …

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