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No Platforming: The BBC is also Guilty

The Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, is considering appointing a “Free Speech Champion” and introducing fines for universities that “no-platform” speakers.  This is excellent news.  We can tell it is a move in the right direction because the Guardian ran a comment piece criticising it. No-platforming at universities by students is just the …

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Weighing in on the grammar school debate

I thought I’d weigh in with a few thoughts on the ongoing (and frankly rather dull) grammar school debate that has attracted quite a lot of attention in recent days. It is an argument which is often dragged to the foreground, despite a far greater problem within education looming behind …

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The mainstream media must lay off mental illness now, before it’s too late

I wanted to address a problem at this blog that grabbed my attention earlier this morning, concerning coverage of last night’s stabbing incident in Russell Square. Thanks to a BBC app notification, I was made vaguely aware of the attack before I went to sleep, but only decided to read …

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Can our rotten and binary political discourse sink any lower than this?

It has been a miserable, disheartening and ugly few days. At the centre of this is a murdered woman and her grieving family and friends. Let’s not forget that. That trumps all. Allow me to acknowledge that. There is nothing more important.  It has left me shocked, uneasy and unable …

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Worried Remainers Are Now Desperately Attacking The Norway Option For A Reason

By openly slandering the EFTA/EEA “Norway Option” for achieving Brexit in the event of a Leave vote, the Remain campaign and their allies in the media show that they are terrified of this sensible approach The Guardian is, of course, desperate for Britain to remain in the European Union. The vast …

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The Left has Lost their Usefulness

Good article recently by John Harris in the left’s favourite newspaper, The Guardian. The article, from a leftist, does a good job of showing that the old leftist paradigm of a powerful caretaker state is not suited to the reality of 21st century economy. (Not to say socialism was a good …

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