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Cut taxes and increase capital investment to boost growth!

Cut corporate tax to 12.5% Slash income tax to 15% and 28% Fully transferable personal allowance £250bn investment over 10 years on infrastructure  Bank of England should adopt NGDP targeting The economy is in pretty good shape, ever since coming into office in 2010 the Tories have increased employment to …

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UK Politics- 2015 in Review

2015 was a great and monumental year for British politics. My top ten biggest stories for the year are as follows: The Conservatives winning a majority at the general election. Lynton Crosby did a fantastic job at properly framing the stakes for the British people- that Ed Miliband-led Labour was weak …

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Working Tax Credits – Resolve is needed

What a state we have come to.  The government, in furtherance of a manifesto promise is seeking to reduce, with the long term aim of eliminating, Working Tax Credits. These are effectively subsidies paid to workers, who are not paid sufficient by their employers.  They were invented by Gordon Brown.  …

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