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In Praise of Trade

My sister-in-law spent her working life selecting and selling dresses.  When I think about this my jaw drops.  How on earth do you select a dress that will outsell your competitors?  To make good money out of that for an entire working life is extraordinary.  Having succeeded at making a …

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The Most Important Things to Know When Building a Website

So, have you finally decided to take the leap into the digital domain and build your own website from scratch? Perhaps you have come up with a novel marketing idea that might be able to accrue an appreciable side hustle. Either way, inspiration represents only a small percentage of your …

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The True Economic Heroes

A lot has been made by me and others about the incredible economic turnaround of the United Kingdom. It is the fastest growing of all G7 economies, and it is now outperforming my own country of the United States with faster growth, and for the first in 35 years, the …

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