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#CANZUK: A Response to J.J. McCullough of the National Review

Dear Mr. McCullough, As a political, essayist, blogger and founder of the Commonwealth, Realms & CANZUK Campaign, I recently read your article written on CANZUK with great expectations. It was fair and explained a side, which, while I do not subscribe to, am very familiar with. I would point your …

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After Brexit, A Swift US-UK Free Trade Agreement Will Be Economically And Diplomatically Beneficial

The National Review might not be down on all the fine details of Brexit*, and quite possibly put too much faith in the elimination of tariffs as a means of spurring trade, given the modern shift toward non-tariff barriers, but their forthright and optimistic call for a swift US-UK trade agreement is most …

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A Crisis Of Identity: When Global Elites Forget How To Be Patriotic

The global, liberal elite are increasingly transcending any lingering commitment to patriotism and national identity, setting them on a collision course with the small-c conservative majority Michael Lind has an unmissable essay in the National Review this week, entitled “The Open-Borders ‘Liberaltarianism’ of the New Urban Elite“, which manages to explain …

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