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Why do they only demonstrate when Jews are at war?

What are the deadliest wars of the 21st Century? 1 The Syrian Civil War             2011-Present         535,000 deaths 2 War on Terror (including       2001-Present         493,500 deaths Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan) 3 War in Darfur                        2003-Present         286,827 deaths 4 Yemeni Civil War                  2014–Present        233,000+ deaths 5 Mexican Drug War                2006-Present         106,800 deaths By contrast the Arab-Israeli conflict since 1948 has killed only 116,000 …

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No Platforming: The BBC is also Guilty

The Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, is considering appointing a “Free Speech Champion” and introducing fines for universities that “no-platform” speakers.  This is excellent news.  We can tell it is a move in the right direction because the Guardian ran a comment piece criticising it. No-platforming at universities by students is just the …

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Conservative moderation defeats the extremists

Conservatism above all else is about moderation. It is about conserving rather than overthrowing.  It is for this reason that Conservatives reject both the extremes of Left and Right and the extremism of nationalist and secession movements. The extremes of Left and Right are treated very differently in the media. There …

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Our Politicians in Gatsby’s World

The other night, while concluding watching the latest cinema version of The Great Gatsby (which by the way is slightly, but not overwhelmingly, above average) with my fiance, I remembered why my favourite fiction novel was The Great Gatsby. The story makes you think. Fitzgerald’s novel is filled with imperfect people, …

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