Thursday , February 22 2024

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Values for a Future

A Nation is an area of land where the people pray, send their children to school, meet in their towns and houses, work, share resources and create and enjoy local services and benefits.  A Nation needs a vision for its future. Without a vision the unity needed to construct the …

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The Most Important Things to Know When Building a Website

So, have you finally decided to take the leap into the digital domain and build your own website from scratch? Perhaps you have come up with a novel marketing idea that might be able to accrue an appreciable side hustle. Either way, inspiration represents only a small percentage of your …

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Technology: For Good or Ill?

Well, good news on the home front regarding Syria! Boris Johnson & Daniel Hannan pretty much spell out my views, in case anyone was wondering what my views on parliament voting down the war. (Not to say anyone is wondering of course). However, today I am turning my attention to a …

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