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Soled out or turbot charged?

Brexit has finally come to an apparent conclusion. The deal was struck on Christmas Eve between negotiating parties, if not by those who will need to ratify. The debate has already begun on whether the UK’s fleet has been soled out or if, to corrupt a promise from Boris, the …

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EU Talks – Time to walk?

I think it’s time we end the EU transition talks and get on with life outside the EU.  Read on. How would you define a nation? I guess, I’d start with ‘a land enclosed by internationally agreed borders’.  Then if it’s a coastal nation or an island, I’d extend those …

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Movement of Goods after a No Deal Brexit

UK ports imported 248m tonnes of produce and exported 138m tonnes in 2017. (See UK Port Freight Statistics 2017). Click to enlarge. Dover was responsible for only 26m tonnes of the total 386m tonnes of international freight transported in 2017. Top 10 major ports + All other tonnage Dover moved 15.5m …

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Fishing, Fisheries and #Brexit

There have recently been many wild claims about the effect of Brexit on the Fishing Industry. The most important three facts about the UK fishing industry are that almost half of UK fish quotas are caught within the UK 200 mile limit, Foreign fishing companies operating in UK can easily …

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Charity tackles fishing

It’s not just fish that are getting caught by fishermen’s hooks and lines. Wildlife such as swans, ducks and other birds are getting tangled up and seriously injured in fishing tackle that careless anglers leave behind. Now, animal charity the RSPCA is making an appeal to anglers to clear up …

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