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Cancelled for telling the truth

I have been on Twitter since March 2012. It is essential for my writing. Without Twitter and Facebook whatever I write would be read by almost no one. Think of the situation prior to the Internet. If you wanted to write you had to either work for a newspaper or …

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Social media giants are all biased. This is serious.

When the tech giants rose to power I had an uneasy feeling that this was the start of something dangerous.  What is to stop companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook from simply, automatically, suppressing political opinions that they detest?  What is to stop them from taking money to do this? …

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Facebook And The Fake News Monster

The mainstream media looks to Facebook and technology to solve the problem of “fake news”, while utterly ignoring their own starring role in driving readers into the arms of more disreputable news outlets Jeff Chiu has an interesting rumination in Newsweek on the way that Facebook tacitly encouraged the monster of …

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Conservatives should be the party of Facebook- not Twitter

A couple of months ago, I was persuaded by my friend to give up my Luddite tendencies and join the Twitterverse. I decided to join Twitter to promote my writings and have greater access to British politics than I was currently getting from Facebook, email and the web page browsing …

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The Importance of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press

One thing I love about Britain is the diversity of the opinion in the national newspapers. I may despise the Guardian but I always have the Telegraph. I was talking to my girlfriend’s father, a “alternative” newspaper owner (one that talks about restaurants and such, not really a newspaper or …

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