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The Scottish establishment is wrong about Brexit and Boris

There is a conventional wisdom in Scotland about politics that everyone agrees on. It doesn’t much matter which party the Scottish establishment support, they still hold the same assumptions. The problem is that this same Scottish establishment has been wrong about everything ever since they came up with the idea …

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Indyref; or, ’tis three years since

It’s a pity Walter Scott is so little read nowadays. Waverley (or ’tis sixty years since) is not merely a station in Edinburgh it is the key to understanding everything in Scottish history and if you understand the past you understand the present, for history is not about what was, …

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The Union is Saved! Now, let’s constitutionally tinker correctly.

Absolutely wonderful result last night. The Scottish people rejected the false “pie in the sky” Socialist Utopian promises of the SNP and did it by a better than expected 10 point margin. Very good result indeed. Writing in the Daily Telegraph with his usual eloquence, Daniel Hannan, perfectly expresses how …

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Give all Britons a seat in Commons!

It’s not often that I that recommend following the lead of the French, but it’s time to admit, they got something right. The French “Overseas Departments” have representation in their Parliament and it’s time the British allow the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies MPs in Westminster. Why the sudden the …

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Better Together: Uniting the Right is the Second Most Important Unification Programme of 2014.

What happened to the right? It used to be pragmatic and sensible. In America, the right held its nose and voted for firmly centrist but electable Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George Bush, to keep out left wingers like Adlai Stevenson, George McGovern and Michael Dukakis. In Great …

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