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If Parliament must leave Westminster let it tour Britain

The iconic Palace of Westminster has to undergo massive repairs and Parliament has agreed to move out for up to six years. While I  personally think it sends the wrong message to the wider world (one of national decline- leaving the nation’s most recongnisable landmark) to move out, the Houses …

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Belfast Child Chapter One- Mum & Dad

My father John was born in 1944 and was the first of five sons and one daughter born to my grandparents, John and Suzy Chambers, who were both hard core loyalists from the Sandy Row area of Belfast. Dad’s early years were typical of working class Protestants of the time, …

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Belfast Child: My Story- An Autobiography

Remembering the Innocent Victims This story is dedicated to the memory of all innocent victims of the Troubles, regardless of political or religious background, including members of the British army and other security force personnel whom died as a direct result of the Troubles. Life’s hard enough without having to worry that …

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Two Suggestions for a One Nation United Kingdom- Gordon Brown and Rotating Parliament Sites

After the election, David Cameron said he wanted to lead a “One-Nation” government. As Charles Moore of the Telegraph pointed out, when Cameron uses Disraeli’s old mantra of “One-Nation” he is referring not to Macmillan’s brand of quasi-socialist Toryism but rather of the need to unify the British people. Right …

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