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Can you speak English?

One of my Polish friends became unemployed recently and started the process of signing on. She speaks good English. I would judge it to be intermediate to upper intermediate. The sort of level that a foreign student might have when beginning university. But she asked me for help with dealing …

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Green and Pleasant Land: Requiem For a Forgotten Britain

Imagine the quintessential English countryside. It is a beautifully sunny day. Birds flit along the hedgerows. A farmer, in shirt and flat cap, steers a plough pulled by a sturdy Shire horse. He stops and wipes his brow with the back of his hand. Church bells quietly peal in the …

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How do you Speaketh?

Britons have always had a flare for the foreign. It was Britons who established an empire that spanned a quarter of the globe. It was Britons who swam across the channel, explored the Pacific and Antarctica and climbed Everest. Great Britain gave the world: capitalism and free trade, abolished slavery …

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