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Water with added goodness

Water is the plainest drink that you can choose, or so you would think. In actual fact, water comes in many forms: straight out of the tap, pure as a mountain spring and now with special added ingredients to enhance health and wellbeing, even beauty. Turn off the tap and take a sip of nature’s purest drink at its perkiest.

Sip is a new still water enhanced with 100 per cent pure and natural beauty-boosting ingredients. Developed by beauty writer Kate Shapland and her business partner Kate Cazenove, Sip enhances water with skin-friendly ingredients including vitamin C, white tea tincture, selerium and extracts of rose petal, sweet violet, Scottish heather blossom tops, marigold and linden blossom. Sip is sweetened only with apple and contains no artificial sweeteners and comes in four flavours: Elderflower, Strawberry & Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger and Mango. It is currently available at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick stores nationwide and at Daylesford Cafe, Whole Food Market, Cowshed and Champneys resorts. It is also available to buy via mail order from and costs £1.70 for 500ml.

V Water combines the benefits of hydration with vitamins, minerals and natural herbal extracts. The range includes five varieties: “Kick” to combat tiredness, with mango and ginger with ginseng and vitamin B and C; “Shield” to help boost the immune system contains lemon and lime infused with echinacea and astragalus; “De-Stress” includes a cocktail of green tea, camomile and hibiscus to soothe; “Glow” is a pomegranate and blueberry drink high in antioxidants, purifying herbs and minerals, that targets skin; and “Vital V” is a multi-vitamin drink with passion fruit and orange. Current stockists include Boots, Waitrose, EAT, Harvey Nichols, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Partridges, The Bagel Factory, Whistlestop, Crussh Juice Bars and selected delis. There are 10 calories per 100ml, up to 200 per cent of the RDA of vitamins and costs £1.50 for 500ml.

OGO Oxygenwater is drawn from an original spring source and is oxygenated in a natural way to achieve an oxygen concentration of typically 35 times more than regular water. OGO Oxygenwater is available in still and sparkling varieties, both of which are presented in a spherical bottle. OGO Oxygenwater is available from Harrods, Selfridges, Urban Healing, Claridges and Blake’s Hotel, costing £1.25 for 33cl.
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