Tuesday , May 28 2024

Mary Telford

Vodka with a measure of class

Vodka is vodka, or so non-aficionados might think. But if you were to browse around a Polish or Russian supermarket you would discover that it comes in many varieties. Here in Britain, we can savour some of the more glamorous varietals of vodka. Some are flavoured with fruit; others are …

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The healthiest drink in town

Our bodies may depend on water for health and life, but if you are looking for a drink that can inject your body with concentrated nutrients, a cup of freshly juiced vegetables is the best around. If, like many people, you think that a savoury drink would be about as …

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Drinking enough?

We all know that not drinking enough water is bad for you, but it seems drinking too much can be equally bad, according to recent reports. With all these mixed messages it’s hardly surprising that many of us are left wondering how much water is enough. As most of us …

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Water with added goodness

Water is the plainest drink that you can choose, or so you would think. In actual fact, water comes in many forms: straight out of the tap, pure as a mountain spring and now with special added ingredients to enhance health and wellbeing, even beauty. Turn off the tap and …

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Wine: Too complicated for young people to enjoy

For inexperienced wine drinkers, choosing a bottle of wine from the masses is plagued by far too many choices and complicated further by the dos and don’ts of wine culture. Wine buffs and experts turn wine drinking into a fine art, but elevating wine to such heights puts it out …

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