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Le Coq Rico

4Opening a restaurant in New York City is no easy challenge. Hiring and training staff,  late nights followed by early mornings, and last minute menu changes are the realities of opening a new restaurant. Perhaps, unless you are adept 3 Michelin starred Chef Antoine Westermann.

Le Coq Rico, Chef Westermann’s first New York restaurant opened its doors a little over a month ago. Though just joining us in New York City, Chef Westermann has been held in such high esteem in the gastronomique culture for  some time.

I love New York.”

Exclaims Chef Westermann.  

It is a magical place.

The original Le Coq Rico is located on Montmartre Rue Lepic in Paris, along with three other restaurants. In addition to these accomplishments Chef Westermann has consulted in Washington D.C., where he was introduced to  American terroir, as well as a new generation of American farmers.

Chef Westermann’s openness and embracement of American terroir is a testimony of true culinary passion, which is beautifully displayed at Le Coq Rico NYC. “This restaurant is different.” Explains Chef Westermann. “I am here to show that it is not necessary to have haute cuisine, but, first to have the best product, and best taste.”  His menu highlights the patronage of independent, and local farmers from all over New York State, and the Northeast.

”Why not a new kind of thinking?”  Says Chef Westermann. “I am here to share.”  

One result of his explorations is Betty Acres Farm cached away in the Catskill mountains of New York.

“Immediately when I tasted this cheese, I was really happy to find cheese in the United StLCR1ates, as good as in France. It is beautiful.”  

Betty Acres Farm now exclusively produces cheese for Le Coq Rico; including an absolute divine St. Placide, Cave-Aged Tomme deliciously wrapped in a paprika, olive oil rind.

Simple and elegant, Le Coq Rico is a kaleidoscope of three different seating areas. Ask to sit at the chef’s counter. There is nothing more succulent than witnessing your food being prepaCatskill Guinea Fowl Breastred right in front of you by young cooks in perfectly pressed chef coats and toques who are being guided with ease, and patience by their superior Chefs.

Experiencing lunch at Le Coq Rico is one of New York City’s most affordable luxuries. One can enjoy a three course prix fixe lunch for $38.

Or, enjoy the Plats Du Jour for $19.

There will be no disappointment, so make your reservations soon!

Le Coq Rico

30 East 20th St. NYC


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