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Why China is a Pariah State

Everyone wants to please China.  Large corporations are routinely amending their advertising copy to mollify China.  The EU has publicly cut criticism of China from reports.  The BBC has hosted the Chinese Ambassador lecturing the British and threatening reprisals over Hong Kong.  India has ceded 60 square kilometers of territory to China.  The UK failed to support its allies over demands to bring China to account over the Origin of COVID19.  China has punished Australia by ceasing trade in several products because of such demands.

Everyone is backing down.  Corporate bosses are putting pressure on governments to keep quiet and continue trade, even if, in the case of British Telecom, this trade threatens National Security.

No-one is telling the truth about China.  China is an utter pariah.  The appalling racism and destruction of peoples in Tibet and Xinjiang are as bad as Nazi actions in the 1930s but these are nothing compared with what China is doing to its own people.  China has become National Socialist and is the first Total Surveillance State.

China has blocked access to the World Wide Web and has its own Internet.  All communications in China are monitored by AIs and at least 30,000 human monitors.  China has a Social Credit System that ranks all members of society (See for a full description).  The System combines credit ratings, company, police, social, government and civil rankings.

Total Surveillance means that if you click on a dubious book on your smartphone the State AIs know and reduce your social score.  If you message or phone people with a low score your score is decreased.  If you criticise the government online or in phone conversations you could end up being re-educated for a very long time.  All your emails and all your web searches are known and ranked. CCTV facial recognition and phone location data mean that everyone can be located all the time.

Your bank accounts are run by the state. Score low and you will have no loans, score really low and you will have no access. Cash is being eliminated.

According to the Chinese State Council in 2014, the scheme should “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.” The system is being rolled out nationwide right now.  Those with a high Social Credit will receive favourable terms in business and advancement, those with a poor score will receive demotion or prison.

Resistance is futile.  The state can do anything it pleases.

Large Corporations can see no problem with China.  This is chilling.

Western Multinational Corporations may even side with China against their own nations.  US Multinational Corporations such as Ford fully supported National Socialists in the 1930s.

China repeatedly states that it has no territorial ambitions but it has border disputes with virtually every neighbour and is occupying parts of its neighbour’s land from Vietnam to Mongolia.  It has huge claims in the South China Sea that extend as far as Indonesia and openly states that it will, one day, invade Taiwan.  China says it has no territorial ambitions but is clearly preparing for war and is arming so that it can join the USA and Russia in International intervention.

China is run by a dictator.  It is utterly repressive of its own people at a level that has never been known before.   If it expands to govern other countries the conquered will be truly destroyed.  The rise of China is probably the most dangerous event in global history.

The irony is that the West, by trading at a deficit, financing and training the Chinese has brought this calamity on itself.

China has penetrated the UK Government and Corporate Elite, largely as a result of the corruption and hidden ownership that is possible by using the trillion dollar Chinese Cayman and Virgin Island Accounts. (See Daily Mail: China grooming storm )

The usual anti-British suspects such as Lord Heseltine (President of the European Movement) and Peter Mandelson are involved. Heseltine is even a major patron of the Chinese 48 Group, Tony Blair was on the list but only his sister in law remains to keep the seat warm after the group became the focus of public interest.

The West should never have allowed China to amass $3 trillion of foreign exchange as a war chest to corrupt every media company, journalist and corporation in the world. See How much of the world is owned by China?

Note: Why would the Social credit system be a problem? “Investigative reporter Liu Hu in 2013 published an article alleging someone was an extortionist. The man sued Liu for defamation and won. The court ordered the journalist to pay a fine, which he says he did. However, when Liu next tried to book a plane ticket using a travel app, he was notified that the transaction couldn’t go through because he had been included on the supreme court’s blacklist.” (See But of course, if you oppose the state in any way this will happen. The Corporate Elite will say “Why does that matter? The purpose of life is to gain status and make money within the hierarchy.”

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