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Why a Second Referendum is Undemocratic

Imagine there were a General Election won by Labour. Suppose the Tories delayed their departure from office for 3 years and then, when the opinion polls were ripe, held another General Election to “confirm” the first.  Surely no-one would say that this was a democracy.

Suppose the Scottish were indeed going to leave the UK then a constitutional referendum were held where the Scottish were the critical factor in the vote.  The Scottish then hold a referendum to Leave the UK and depart so that we are left with a constitutional change that the majority do not want.  This would hardly be democratic.  The correct sequence of events would be a Scottish independence referendum followed by the constitutional referendum.

Suppose those in favour of a Second EU Referendum changed the rules so that all EU Citizens and children over the age of 15 had the vote. This would be gerrymandering to ensure the result favoured Remain.

Suppose a Second Referendum returned a result that was 52% Remain and 48% Leave.  The argument for the Second Referendum was that the first result was close.   Surely there must be a Third Referendum the moment the opinion polls show a majority for Leave.

Surely, if the Second Referendum were based on opinion polls showing a majority for Remain and Remain won then a Third Referendum must be held the moment the opinion polls favour Leaving.

Imagine a Second Referendum posed the question of Remain versus a Brexit Agreement.  We have already decided whether to Remain or be Independent so this Referendum is simply a re-run of the first Referendum with the possibility of splitting the Leave vote.  This is scarcely democratic.

We have already had a Referendum of Project Fear versus Independence.  Independence won.  Project Fear imagined higher losses to the UK economy than the present “No Deal” imaginary scenario.  The electorate has spoken.  The result must be respected.

A Second EU Referendum is no more than an undemocratic attempt at thwarting the Independence of our country.

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