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UK media are fearmongering over Northern Ireland as part of their anti-Brexit stance

Let me explain something about Northern Ireland, which is being totally overlooked in all the fear-mongering being pushed by UK mainstream media at present.  There will be no United Ireland because of Brexit. There will not be one in your lifetime, nor mine, dear reader.

The UK media, in their anti-Brexit drive, are determined to cause division & stress to the United Kingdom population, first with Scotland (another independence fallacy), then with Northern Ireland.

There are a number of major flaws in the reporting ‘slant’ delivered by UK media on the NI subject:

  • They continually seek the view of the ultra-Nationalist, IRA political wing, Sinn Fein. Let’s face it, they’re going to milk ANY situation to suggest a United Ireland, their whole raison d’être.
  • They seldom seek a Unionist point of view. When they do, they go to the DUP. The DUP may have ‘political clout’, but they speak for a mere proportion of Unionists & have little sway with Loyalist Paramilitaries whatsoever (I’ll return to this later).
  • The majority in NI still wish to remain part of the UK. Until the ultra-Nationalists gain a decent majority of population (their share is continually ebbing upwards), there is no hope of referendum success.
  • A large percentage of what most people would categorise the ‘Nationalist’ population are not actually ‘Nationalist’ at all & would not fancy a United Ireland, purely from a change/economic stance.
  • There is nobody even CALLING for a referendum in Northern Ireland about Irish Unity, other than Sinn Fein and their merry band of old-timer terrorists. They have no power to do anything about their grumblings.
  • The structure of Stormont means each ‘side’ has a veto. To pass any legislation, of which some would surely be required, it would take agreement with both ‘communities’. This would not happen. Take a look at how the DUP have blocked the Equal Marriage Bill on numerous occasions, yet are very much in the minority over it.

No, there will be no United Ireland in the foreseeable future. Anyone who even suggests it is either deluded, or lying. The moment any procedures were put in place which made it look as if this was being forced on the NI population, the Loyalist Paramilitaries would go to war. This time we’d have a whole ‘new’ set of Troubles, which nobody wants yet everybody fears.

The IRA is different. They have Sinn Fein as their ‘political wing’, who have clout amongst their ranks. Gerry Adams has been a long-time leader in the IRA, his recently-deceased cohort Martin McGuinness similar.  Many of those with ‘rank’ in Sinn Fein also have/had ‘rank’ in the IRA.

Loyalist Paramilitaries, such as the UVF or UDA, do have political representation but it is negligible.  The DUP and UUP are more Orange Order related, holding no sway over the Loyalist Paramilitaries.  They cannot speak on their behalf and they certainly couldn’t just ‘hand NI away’ without some sort of backlash.

So, let’s ignore the UK mainstream media circus. Let’s not force-feed the good people of Northern Ireland the rubbish currently being shown all over our TV screens. Let’s not stir this particular pot, lest we intend to see pain and strife return to our streets.  Keep your filthy anti-Brexit hands off Northern Ireland because your very insistence that the Union is in trouble is sufficient to get some hotheads wound up and some innocents hurt.

Penned from my little corner of God’s own country, Northern Ireland 🙂

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