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Tom’s Daily News & Comment- November 10 and 11

News review November 11

Football punishment
The English Football Association has fined West Ham and Chelsea, £40,000 and £50,000 for ‘failing to control their players’ during their recent encounter.Seriously?  These amounts are utterly meaningless to clubs of their size.  Also, there is no punishment for the causers of the loss of control – the players!

Surely all of the players, should each be fined – something substantial, say £100,00 each – and they should all have a yellow card assigned- something that adds up and leads, if repeated,  to a 3 match ban.  I do mean all.  The whole team, not just those that get involved in the melee.

As for the clubs, make the punishment meaningful.  An instant deduction of 3 points and, of 9 points if they are a repeat offender.  I can’t help but think that this would concentrate the minds.  Points and league positions equate to serious money and money-making opportunities.

While we are on the subject.  If the manager/coach is punished, then again, the club should have points deducted.

In English football, today, monetary punishments are useless.  It’s points that matter!

European and African leaders are meeting in Malta, to discuss the problem of economic migrants that are currently flooding into Europe.

We can expect the usual claptrap about developing Africa so that people will stay in their home country, etc., followed by European throwing money, Africa’s way.

However, as in the past, this will be totally irrelevant and won’t solve the problem.

African economic migrants want to come to Europe because their economic prospects, in Europe, are better.  Some will claim that this is because of European welfare programmes.  This then becomes a useful foil for pro-immigration liberals to attack and use against immigration controls, by screaming ‘racist’!  Whatever the truth, the migrants come because they will have a better economic life in Europe than they would have in Africa.

The only real solution is to close the door.  And seal it!  In practise this would mean returning all of these immigrants to their home country.  All of them.  Returned.  No half measures – all of them, returned.  We have to turn back the flood at the source.   To let these people know that they simply cannot come in.  That, if they do make it to our shores, then each and every one of them, each and every time, will be returned from whence they came.  And, to keep on sending them back.

Any half-measures or anything less than complete repatriation means that Europe may as well do a ‘Merkel’ and just tell all of Africa to come on over.

US GOP Debate
The latest debate has taken place.  I didn’t see the TV show but there is dispute over who performed well and who didn’t.

From what I can gather:

Ben Carson was fairly quite but escaped unscathed, with no mud, about his memoir mis-rememberings.

Donald Trump was noisy as always and found to be severely wanting on his foreign policy platform and ridiculed for his plans to repatriate 11 million illegal immigrants.

Ted Cruz, when he got the chance to speak on any subject, seems to have ‘knocked it out of the park’ and showed not just his very strong debating skills but also the depth of his policy proposals.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio also seem to have performed well, though Paul’s isolationist stance is, rightly, unpopular.

The others?  Well Kasich behaved boorishly and interrupted a lot, Bush got a couple of good hits in but no killer quotes.  Fiorinashowed competence but at times seems fixated on Trump’s anti-female slip-ups.

Overall,  Cruz and Rubio looked and sounded like winners and of course Trump and Carson are still there but we should soon start  ti see the others, falling away.m  As they do, we can expect Trump’s shortcomings to become ever more apparent.

America’s bureaucrats
I can’t believe I am alone in being outraged that senior bureaucrats that are supposed to serve the American people, can ‘take the fifth’ and, then continue in their well-paid roles.

John Koskinen, the current Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service,  has ‘taken the fifth’ while testifying to Congress concerning the wholesale shenanigans that went on, under the earlier Commissioner, Lois Lerner.

Think about that.  He is employed by the US government.  Congress, on behalf of the US taxpayer, exercises oversight of, among other agencies, the IRS.  Congress is there to make sure that the IRS carries out its work in accordance with the wishes of, and on behalf of, the US taxpayer.  Yet, when Congress want to question the head of the IRS, he is able to ‘take the fifth’ and he still gets to keep his job!!  Can anyone imagine being able to do that in the private sector?

” Tom, I want to speak to you about the performance of your department”  “Sir” responds Tom, “I refuse to answer your questions on the grounds of potential self-incrimination”  “Oh!”, says Tom’s boss,  “okay then, let’s move on”.

If these bureaucrats were doing a great job, you could maybe feel some sympathy at them having to face, what might possibly be politically inspired questioning.  However, many, at the top simply aren’t.  Look at the Environmental Protection Agency, that polluted the Colorado River.  Look at the Veterans Administration, that continues to mistreat and intentionally delay treatment to America’s veterans.  Look at the IRS, that targeted organisations that were anti-Obama.  Look at the Justice Department that went after General Petraeus for having classified documents on a personal computer but has done nothing, about Hillary Clinton’s use of, and then wiping cleaning of, a personal e-mail server.  The list goes on and on and the ‘tone from the top’ is so inappropriate that it is no wonder that these agencies are so out of control.

News update November 10

IAAF and Russia doping
Lord Sebastian Coe is either being excessively polite to the Russian athletics authorities or he is not yet entirely confident that he can persuade the organisation that he now leads, the IAAF, to do the right thing.

The World Anti-Doping Association – WADA – found widespread and state-sponsored support of a programme designed to thwart efforts to root out performance enhancing and other doping, from athletics.  The crystal clear recommendation is that Russia should be banned from international athletic meetings for a period of time.  Such time would include the 2016 Rio de Janiero Olympics.  Consider that there is none of the usual ‘bureacratese’ about the WADA report – nothing about ‘appropriate disciplinary action’ or ‘measures should be taken’.  WADA are clear – a ban.

Come on Lord Coe!  Send the world of sport a very clear message that doping is unacceptable and will be punished.  This might be harsh on any ‘clean’ Russian athletes but that’s just tough.  Russia needs to suffer for its sins and so that the world of athletics knows, that the IAAF has teeth.

Global Warming
I don’t subscribe to the fad of changing a subject title simply because the facts stubbornly refuse to support it!  So I won’t be discussing the faddish ‘Climate Change’

The BBC and no doubt all of their fellow travellers in the environmental lobby are sounding the alarm bells because the temperature figures for 2015 through to the end of September are 1.02C above the average for the period 1850 to 1900.  They try to slide in a comment about ‘confusion’ relating to earlier periods but we have seen, time and time again, that the Global Warming scaremongers have consistently fudged and fixed the numbers to suit their pseudo-science.  Always, always remember, these folks have monetary and career based vested interests in pushing the warnings.

The latest data is a joint effort from the UK Meteorological Office and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.  The latter were heavily discredited, and remain so in many people’s opinions, by their highly questionable behaviour in the Climate Gate scandal.

The BBC do have the good grace to admit that the so called El Nino weather phenomenon is also a contributory factor in the temperature increase but don’t say whether or not this was present during the earlier time period – so we don’t know if the data sets are comparing apples with apples!  Nothing new for the Global Warming industry!

Refugees agaub
Prepare yourself for a shock!

Sitting comfortably?  Okay, I’ll begin.

It seems that a leading member of Daesh/ISIS has been discovered among the so called Syrian ‘refugees’.  I know, what a shock, almost floored me.  Then I remembered that sensible commentators – you know, those that point out that most of the ‘refugees’ are in fact young men of military age and these far outnumber the relatively few families – the commentators have consistently predicted that Daesh would use the situation to infiltrate battle-hardened terrorists into Europe.

Don’t be surprised at this story, when or more accurately if, you hear about it but do consider how many we don’t know about!  It would be naive in the extreme, to suppose that these murderous maniacs have only slipped one killer in among the ‘refugees’.  Especially when the extremely foolish Merkel, threw open the German border, to them all.

Incidentally, it seems that the ‘refugees’ are very fast wearing out their welcome – or in many cases have already worn it out – in Sweden, Austria and Germany. If Twitter chatter is to be believed, these countries are seeing significantly increased instances of rape and child molestation as well has attacks on Christians.  And that is before Daesh get themselves properly situated!

Just thought I would mention it.  It seems to have fallen off of the news agenda in recent months but the few available reports suggest that this Saudi/Iran proxy war is particularly bloody and, as is so often the case, civilians are the largest victim group.

Don’t hear too much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Obama’s White House though.  One senses that this will run and run.

You likely won’t hear too much about what is going on in Israel either.

Palestinians – remember those people that ‘right-on’ countries have been rushing to recognise as a state – are entering Israel and then seeking to stab and kill random innocent Israeli civilians.  Old lady on a bus – stab her – in the name of peace!  Group standing at a bus stop – drive a car into them and then jump out and stab them, just to make sure they die – for peace, of course.

You will though, hear the usual Leftist bleating if Israel reacts by sealing off Gaza and the West Bank.  I am kind of surprised that Netanyahu hasn’t done this already!

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