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The USA and UK are under attack

Is the USA undergoing serious change and if so who is stirring it?  The American War of Independence was agitated and financed by France, the French Revolution was supported by the USA and UK,  the Greek War of Independence by the UK,  the Russian Revolution by Germany, the Chinese Revolution by Russia etc.  Big changes are almost always due to active political movements within a country that are fomented and supported from outside.

Are the changes in the USA “big”?  There have been riots across the USA by the Black Liberation Movement (BLM) but we have seen this sort of rioting before in the 1960s and 70s.  What is new is that the rioting is being supported by the US Establishment.  This is extremely strange and unusual.  Is this evidence for a solely domestic movement?  Domestic movements usually work through the infiltration of existing political parties and seek change at the ballot box so it does not fit the “domestic” pattern.  The riots are continuing despite a Democrat President.  The new pattern of political change in the USA strongly suggests a new foreign intervention, as does the way that the movement has spilled over to the UK and even, to a smaller extent, the EU.  It is likely that a new foreign power is involved.  This foreign power is China.

The USA purged Soviet financed communist movements in the 1950s and 1960s which left a vacuum that was filled by China in the late 1970s onwards. As a result the main left wing groups in the USA, such as Freedom Road and the Black Liberation Movement, became attached to China rather than Russia.

In the same way as the American War of Independence needed aggrieved local businessmen and the communist subversions in 1960s Europe needed aggrieved trade unionists, the current change needs seriously upset local groups.  It is not just Black Americans who have a political grievance.  The changes of the past ten years have seen another group feeling under attack: the Internationalists.  The power base of the Internationalists lies in the UN, IMF, World Bank etc. They employ large numbers of starry eyed academics and hard headed international bankers who believe that the world will, and should, evolve into accepting global government.  In the USA they leave these International institutions and join Democrat governments and the CIA.  I know a lot of senior members of this group and they are livid about the direction the world is taking.  No-one should underestimate the bitterness of these people.  The irony is that much of the pressure that is breaking the old world order is due to the rise of China.

The Internationalists want change and China wants the USA to be sidelined as a global power.  This is a toxic cocktail.  The Internationalists believe that events are going their way in the USA but by co-financing and unleashing the BLM they are satisfying the need of China for “perpetual revolution” in the West.  Continuous unrest and the undermining of the sense of purpose in the West will give China the hegemony it desires.

The Soviet Subversion of the West between 1950 and 1980 was serious and undermined Western economies but most of the People and the Western government and industrial Establishments were opposed to it.  In the current Chinese subversion only the People oppose it and even this opposition is patchy.  Opposition is probably strongest in England, Australia, Canada and India.

Most English people know that something funny is going on.  In England we know in our bones that the attempt at tearing down our sense of identity as a separate nation is being orchestrated somewhere else. The USA is the focus of the change and the attack is tailored to their political conditions.

The big problem for those resisting the change is that the condition of the black population in the USA involves many injustices.  It is the perfect point of attack because reasonable people will sympathise with black Americans (though not with BLM).  The UK does not share the American problem so our main concern must be with opposing supporters of the change in the UK.  In particular our government must intervene to stop our Internationalist media from treating the UK as yet another American State and our whole political Establishment must wake up to the threat from China before it is too late.  Big changes are always aggravated by foreign powers for their own purposes.

If China wins and replaces the USA as global hegemon a new Dark Age will follow.  Is it getting too late to stop them?

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