Monday , June 17 2024

The Marxist Labour danger is real

I really do urge you all to understand the very clear and present existential danger this Marxist Labour Party represents for the economic future of this country. It is a requirement of a government to provide physical security for the inhabitants of a nation by way of armed forces, security services and police but is a pre-requisite that it also provides economic security for the WHOLE country. Not just the few like Corbyn and the lunatic fringe in Momentum but the WHOLE country.

If anyone in their right minds sees a Marxist Labour government as providing economic security for our country after what we have heard this week at the Comrade’s conference, then I’m sorry, but you need therapy pretty soon.

This bunch have absolutely no qualms about defining policy based on borrowing £200 bn, no qualms about planning for the capital flight of investment that would follow a Marxist election win here, no qualms about what a run on the pound would do for the economic stability of this country.

They have proposed this threatening rubbish this week with a completely straight face as they really do believe that is what the future of this country should look like.

The ‘working class’ that they purport to represent would lose their jobs in droves but McDonnell, Corbyn and of all people McCluskey who is supposed to represent a Trade Union honour bound to look after the needs if their members, see absolutely nothing wrong in this thinking.
One Labour MP is also on record this week as holding up Venezuela as an exemplar of the success of socialism!

Labour voters over the years have a right to support their Party but I urge you all to have a long, long think about what you are supporting . This is not your Labour Party. This is a very dangerous threat to the stability of this country by, without any possible doubt now, a totally Marxist group. Corbyn has said today that immigrants have not forced wages down when hitherto they were arguing that they had. Try telling that to the workers of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire trying to earn a living from crop harvesting when immigrant labour comes into their region and will work for far less money.

Wake up Britain. Our country is facing an assault not unlike what we faced in 1939 with a fascist regime approaching our shores. Now we have the potential of suffering assault from a Marxist regime that is already here.

As we did in 1939, we must as one rise up and fight for our security and that of generations to come.

About Ian Pye

Ian is grammar school educated although he briefly flirted with the idea of becoming Britain's answer to Breaking Bad's Walter White with a short sojourn at university. The constant smell of hydrogen sulphide caused the break up of that partnership and thereafter he pursued a career in sales culminating in partnering with his second wife for many years in their own recruitment business. When the second marriage came to an amicable end, so did Ian's allotted time in the world of commerce and he became a retired person of no means but a still active brain. He lives on the outskirts of the great metropolis of Manchester and has close affinity with the red side of the football city being a United fan of over 50 years. He has deep interest in British politics, is conservative by nature and persuasion as well as reading much on aspects of religious theology particularly the works out of Albuquerque, New Mexico of Richard Rohr and hitherto Richard's mentor, Thomas Merton. Ian has three children, two of whom live in London and the third in Toronto as well as four adorable grandchildren

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