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The EU’s Catalonia response deserves condemnation

At first I would like to state that I have no opinion on Catalonian Nationalism. Indeed, before this referendum, I was opposed to it, as it had links to Scottish separatism. While I agree with the concept of national sovereignty, there are limits and I am opposed to breaking up successful and cohesive nation-states. Despite this position, which I still hold, I will not turn a blind eye to the disproportionately violent and inhumane actions of the Spanish government.

While we echo Zac Goldsmith’s comment that the EU’s response of calling it “a coup against Europe” is ludicrous, we also second the observation that this is merely the latest example of the Euro-elites ignoring the wishes of the people. In the UK they are ignoring the result of our referendum, while in Catalonia they are stopping the referendum and turning blind eyes to over-reaction and unnecessary force by the Spanish national police services.

The future of Spain is without doubt belonging to the Spanish people, yet we cannot support the use of violence, brute force and unilateral activity to determine its future. We also express concern about the way the EU Commission is behaving, by refusing to defuse or acknowledge the situation. ‘Yet again they side against democracy.’ Their failure to decry the sight of unarmed and unresisting peaceful protestors being thrown down stairs and dragged out of buildings by their hair, speaks volumes about their position on democracy. Peaceful protestors, Catalonian police and even local firemen have all been violently assaulted, beaten and shot at, with over 800 civilians wounded.

We call for peaceful negotiation on both sides. While we support the right of self-determination, and understand the Catalonian position, further destabilisation of Europe at this time is not beneficial.

We also call on the Catalonian government to refrain from unilateral activity, the Catalonian people to refrain from violence, the Spanish government to negotiate with the Catalonians. Finally, we repeat the call for the EU to uphold Article 7 of its own European Union Treaty that requires the suspension of any member state that uses military force on its own population, based on the fact that the Garda Civil are a paramilitary force.

I am not a Catalonian nationalist, but whatever moral rights and laws Spain possesses over the region is being greatly undermined by their unacceptable behaviour in Catalonia. The statements coming out of the Commission in Brussels are shocking and surely reinforce our decisions to have voted for Brexit.

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Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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