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The Big Brexit Quiz!

Test your knowledge of Brexit.  Tease those Leaver friends.

Page down for short answers or click on links below each question for sourced answer.

1. When was Parliament last Prorogued?

a. At the start of every session.
b. 1997 by John Major
c. 1639

Rules on proroguing Parliament

2. Did Nick Clegg say of Russian interference in the EU Referendum:

a. “There is no evidence of Russian interference”
b. “Russian involvement invalidates the result”
c. “Russia is threatening our democracy”

Nick Clegg: on evidence

3. Is UK trade with the EU:

a. In deficit by about £60 billion every year
b. In surplus by about £60 billion every year
c. Roughly in balance.

UK Trade with the EU

4i. Is the power of government in the UK largely

a. Delegated by the EU to the UK through “shared competences”
b. Ancient and inalienable
c. Protected by veto on most issues

A list of EU powers is given here

4ii. What proportion of EU legislation can be stopped by vetoes?
(Is not covered by majority voting).

a. <20%
b. 50%
c. 80%
Percentage of EU legislation covered by QMV

5. What is the Treasury prediction of the cost of No Deal, the estimate that is leading MPs to go wild with dismay?

a. 0.6% of GDP a year
b. 7% of GDP a year
c. 27% of GDP a year

No Deal Predictions

6. Who coordinates most pro-Remain activity?

a. The European Movement
b. The Labour Party
c. The Liberal Democrats

Who runs Remain

7. Did the EU consider a Free Trade Agreement with the UK such as Canada Plus to be acceptable?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Never mentioned by the EU

Did Barnier prefer a Free Trade Deal to May’s Customs Union.

8. Which of Customs Union, Single Market, Free Trade Agreement, WTO (No Deal) have MPs approved?

a. None of these
b. Customs Union
c. Single Market

9.  Which of these statements is true of the EU Referendum?

a. Remain outspent Leave by almost 50%
b. Leave outpent Remain by almost 50%
c. Remain and Leave spent about the same.

The Electoral Commission Report

10. How many of these statements are true? In the EU Referendum campaign the Liberal democrats were fined £18000, Leave.EU fined £70000, European Movement fined £8750, Britain Stronger in Europe fined £1250, Labour fined £20000

a. 4
b. 5
c. 2

11. Was the Common Market founded by:

a. The US Marshall Plan
b. Jean Monnet
c. Conrad Adenauer.

12. What is the Bilderberg Group?

a. A group of Multinationals founded by the European Movement to provide support and funding.
b. An alien conspiracy run by reptiloids.
c. A harmless meeting of multinational corporations with no specific agenda.

13. The first EEC was favoured by Axis powers in WWII.

a. True.
b. False.
c. Shocking lie.

14. Is the current account deficit between the UK and EU:

a. Nearly sufficient to pay for the NHS.
b. A huge benefit to the UK
c. Very small.

15. Is racial prejudice in the EU such that:

a. In Italy discrimination against black people for housing is 13 times worse than UK
b. In France black people are three times as likely to be stopped by the police as in the UK.
c. Black people are 11 times as likely to experience racism in Germany as in the UK

16. Who said that: “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.” ?

a. Ken Clarke
b. Michel Barnier
c. Jeremy Corbyn

17. Did numerous foreign companies provide funding for Remain in the EU Referendum?

a. Yes
b. No
c. An absurd suggestion when rules forbid it.

18. The Brexit Bus Case against Boris Johnson was:

a. Thrown out of court as vexatious
b. Still to be heard
c. Johnson was found guilty

19. Do the EU Far Right support leaving the EU or creating a Far Right EU?

a. Creating a Far Right EU.
b. Leaving the EU.
c. Neither

See below for full answers to all the questions (keep scrolling).


1. (a) See Proroguing happens at the start of every session
Parliament was once prorogued by John Major in 1997 to avoid a sleaze report before the election.

2. (a) See Nick Clegg: there is no evidence of Russia using Facebook to sway EU referendum.

3. (a) UK Trade with the EU is in deficit by about £60bn A huge sum, six times bigger than the UK contribution to the EU.

4i. (a) The EU delegates the power of government to the UK through “shared competences” that it can assume as its own power. This link contains further links

4ii. (a) 80% of EU legislation is passed by majority votes without a the possibility of veto – QMV in the EU

5. (a) The Treasury estimates were for 0.6% fall in GDP per year. This small amount is disputed and is probably smaller because it involves arbitrary and overstated population and non-tariff barrier effects. See No Deal Predictions.

6. (a) The EU financed European Movement controls most Remain activity.

7. (a)  Barnier preferred a Free Trade Deal to May’s Customs Union.

8. (a) MPs have not agreed on any form of Brexit, hence the deadlock.

9. (a) See Chart 3, page 17 of The Electoral Commission Report Remain massively outspent Leave.

10. (a) 4 statements are true.  Lib Dems, Leave.EUEuropean Movement. Labour was not fined.

11. (a) The Common Market was a requirement for receiving Marshall Plan Aid – Marshall Plan.

12. (a) The Bilderberg Group was founded by European Movement boss Jozef Retinger to provide support and funding for the EU project.

13. (a) True. The fascist Axis favoured the establishment of an EEC.

14. (a) The current account deficit with the EU is about £100bn.  Almost as large as the NHS budget and is a huge loss to the UK.

15. (a) (b) (c) are all True.  The EU has control over race relations policy.

16. (a) Ken Clarke desires the end of the power of Parliament.

17. (a) There were large contributions to Remain from Multinational Corporations. The Electoral Commission has accepted these were British contributions because they were declared to come from UK subsidiaries. (ie: foreign multinationals can do what they like because they have subsidiaries).

18. (a) Not only was the case Thrown out of court but the prosecution admitted that the £350m a week could have been a valid gross figure.  See also Leavers are not my sort of people.

19. (a) Since National Rally in France realised that it is impossible in practice to leave the Eurozone the EU Far Right is now devoted to creating a Far Right EU.  The Far Right in France are the main contenders for the French presidency. EU Far Right Alliance.

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