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Sophistation tastes or just snobbery and ignorance

Why do people make judgements based on age, likes, behaviour and opinions? You have a sophisticated palette if you like oysters (and know how to eat them) and foie gras. You are intellectual if you like classical music, read certain books and vote in a certain way. You won’t like something because you’re a child. It sounds very restrictive to me. I read classics and everything else, listen to rock music and Debussy’s Clair de Lune, play cards and computer games, loved olives as a child, don’t think oysters are that special and voted Leave.

It is ironic that oysters, a food that is considered the height of sophistication, the priciest thing on the most exclusive menus, use to be peasant food in olden days for coastal communities. So on this basis were peasants more sophisticated then the gentry?

What a load of rubbish. It just puts people in convenient boxes without getting to know them or listen to a differing opinion.

Currently in British policies it feels this patronising attitude is being applied to how people voted in the 2016 referendum. If you voted to Leave you are an uneducated and dangerous whereas Remain was the intelligent, sensible choice. They are so arrogantly superior they think they have the right to circumvent the democratic process through the courts. Implying that we are so intellectually incompetent we should have our vote discounted because we voted incorrectly. This kind of arrogance, if it wasn’t so serious a subject, is laughable. I personally value independent thought over following the herd any day.

However it begs the question in this modern age how are there people that still have this patronising attitude that clearly doesn’t respect personal freedom of choice, democracy or a different point of view. Rather than listening to others opinions they close their ears and remain secure in their narrow minded judgementalism. As I said previously this is an ongoing situation, where I understand the final act is being played out in the European Court. I wonder if Europe will recognise they are being used by people who just don’t like loosing and to arrogant to accept it.

So, on this basis I politely request that we continue to engage others in reasonable debate that puts forward well thought out arguments that contains facts and evidence. Ranting is just allowing them to maintain their blissfully arrogant attitudes. Let’s shake them up with well made points. It may not change their minds but at least they may come down from their lofty positions and understand we all want the same thing – a brighter future. We just have different but legitimate opinions on what this entails.

This is just an opinion not a fact.

Update – They lost their case in the European court. Even the EU is not that stupid.


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