Tuesday , May 28 2024

Lisa M. Bridge

Lisa M. Bridge is a writer, online student and property restorer who is married with three cats. She lives in England. When she is not reading, studying or writing, she is trying to find her purpose in life...I know I left it round here somewhere. She used to work in accounts and payroll. Curious about everything, passionate about a lot and she really wishes things did not have to be so complicated.

What do I hope to achieve by leaving the EU?

Recently I have been asked the question ‘what does the UK want?’ I think the bigger question is what do we hope to achieve by leaving the EU. I personally usually freeze up when confronted by this question for two reasons really. Firstly the question is usually attached to a …

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Discovered…common ground

Like many of you, I have friends and family in both camps Remain and Leave and in the interests of friendship the subject of Brexit is studiously avoided. However I got into a conversation about it with one of them and with great foreboding he asked why I voted Leave …

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Let Spring follow Winter

When I write these articles it is the equivalent of public speaking for me, which is terrifying and makes me feel stressed and ill afterwards. Which is why on the run up to the referendum and afterwards I resisted the urge, there were enough people shouting the odds. However I …

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High drama but no progress

Two years on from the Brexit referendum and out of the lull we crash into political upheaval again. At the moment UK politics has more drama in it than your worst soap opera. The trouble is, when the field is evenly split it is going to be a dirty drag …

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It is not that complicated

How many times have you thought ‘Why does it have to be so complicated’? Looking for white sauce recipes I was confounded with requests to decide if I was OK with my data being used/searched for a better user experience. No I just want a sauce recipe. In the end …

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Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Yesterday I attended a meeting held by my MP Matt Warman, where he attempted to explain his reasons for voting for Mrs. May’s Draft Agreement. At the end of it I was left feeling confused and depressed, however I did meet people who have far more knowledge on this Agreement …

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Sophistation tastes or just snobbery and ignorance

Why do people make judgements based on age, likes, behaviour and opinions? You have a sophisticated palette if you like oysters (and know how to eat them) and foie gras. You are intellectual if you like classical music, read certain books and vote in a certain way. You won’t like …

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