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A second Brexit referendum would be a landslide win for Leave

The bad losers on the Bremainiac side keep asking for another referendum. These people don’t respect democracy. Presumably they want a referendum every month until they get the “right” result. Just like the utterly deluded SNP in Scotland. What they don’t realise is that a second referendum would be a landslide for Brexit and here’s why.

  • The simple psephology is that voters prefer to vote for incumbents, they don’t like change. Gordon Brown should have been slaughtered in the 2010 General Election but he wasn’t, due to incumbency. With regards to the EU Brexit is now the incumbent position, so would have a huge electoral advantage.
  • The Conservative Party respect democracy so they have swung, united, behind Brexit. High profile Conservative ex Bremainiacs have all said that Brexit means Brexit. This huge political shift will be reflected in public opinions.
  • The Bremainiacs lied like crazy about the consequences of Brexit. They did this deliberately with “Project Fear”. Now those lies have been exposed. Nobody with any brain believes a single remain argument any more.
  • Perhaps David Cameron’s greatest achievement as Prime Minister was that he refused to take any of the Muslim migrant swarm. Now we see daily violent atrocities in France and Germany. With a Labour leader that would have been us as well. Brexit ensures that we are isolated from this terrorism.
  • Turkey is now exposed for what it is, a violent, intolerant, Islamic dictatorship. On fast track to join the EU. Surely nobody in Britain wants to be a part of this.
  • After the Brexit vote the world came running to us to make trade deals. Everyone wants to do business with us. It is now blatantly obvious that we will be far better off economically out of the EU.

The Bremainiacs should stop being bad losers. As a nation we need to concentrate our efforts into making the best out of the fantastic position we are now in.

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This post was originally published by the author 26 July 2016.

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