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This Saturday the Remainiacs “MARCH FOR EUROPE”

This Saturday the Remainiacs ‘March For Europe’ are again marching from Park Lane to Parliament Square, where they will again demand that Parliament, which opens on Monday, ignores the result of the Brexit referendum, because they say ‘only’ 52% voted for FREEDOM from the chains of the EU.
Democracy and referendums are only OK if they get the result they want, and anyway normal decent hardworking British people should not be allowed to determine their own future.
These pro-Merkel Remainiacs are the willing tools of the eurocrats and they are annoyed, because they won’t be able to get a nice gravy-train job in Brussels anymore.  They claim to love Europe, but the EU is destroying Europe.  These people also want to create a United States of Europe.
Every day we delay invoking Article 50, every day we delay freeing ourselves from the EU, more immigrants arrive in the EU, and these immigrants have voting rights.  The areas that exhibited the strongest remain votes are areas that have the highest level of immigrants.  Do the maths, think about that, what it means is that every day we delay, we lose a bit more sovereignty and we lose a bit more control over our own nation.
Last time they marched in July there were supposedly 50,000 of them and nobody opposed them. The organisers said to the press covering the event ‘’Look no one disagrees with us! None of the ordinary British people watching the march are against us…”

Well, let us show the media covering the event that not all British people are spineless, cowardly wimps.  Let the world know what we think of these wealthy, I’m-Alright-Jack liberals, the selfish, shallow, and short sighted –  let’s jeer them and lets call Eddie Izzard a lizard and Bob Geldof a rat!

Meet up 11am outside Westminster tube station opposite Big Ben under the statue of Queen Boadicea.
All welcome!
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  1. I’m so proud to live in a democracy we have voted already just bloody accept the result

  2. Simply type “EU propoganda/Brainwashing of children” in to your browser and peruse. Look more deeply in to the EUs activities and you find see that the EU is very good at buying the loyalties of vociferous interest groups in European nation states, using your money of course – whilst promoting “EU funding” – we will lose EU funding shout vested interested biased Scientists such as Richard Dawkins, whose pro Remain arguments shame his usual high standards. That we have an army of clueless remainiacs is thus no surprise – try “Brexit – the retards react” for example. The EU has been a lie from the start –
    “The fusion of economic functions would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State” Jean Monnet, founder of the European Movement. April 1952. The UKs democratic mandate of 1975 was based on a lie – big fat lie. Since then successive lying Govts have covertly given away sovereignty in steps. In short, the EU has no democratic mandate to exist. It is a pernicious monstrosity hell bent on destroying the nation state and directly accountable democracy. As Peter Sutherland said (BBC) the EU should undermine national homogeneity. Anti racism/diversity etc etc is all about destroying the western model of tolerance and liberty.