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Putin Paranoia

Broadcasters say the Russians bent Brexit but about 78% of the tweets came after the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016

There is no doubt that Eastern Europe and Russia offer cheap social media campaigns. My own experience suggests that the Remain campaign use Ukrainian social media trolls, amongst others, and it appears that those running PR Companies on behalf of Brexit used Trolling agencies that employed Russians.

The total extent of the “damage” is hard to estimate. The fact that this sort of social media activity is fairly mindless means that few social media users will have actually engaged with it. The Guardian suggests 419 Twitter accounts run by the commercial, Russian Internet Research Agency, that supplies paid social media intervention, were involved in Brexit campaigning.

According to the Guardian ‘Prof Laura Cram, director of neuropolitics research at the University of Edinburgh, told the Guardian that at least 419 of those accounts tweeted about Brexit a total of 3,468 times – mostly after the referendum had taken place… “the content of the Brexit tweets overall was “quite chaotic and it seems to be aimed at wider disruption. There’s not an absolutely clear thrust. We pick up a lot on refugees and immigration.”

She stressed that more research is needed to establish the extent of the tweets’ influence, and urged caution about drawing conclusions from the relatively small number of troll accounts so far identified. About 78% of the tweets came after the Brexit vote on 23 June 2016, she added.’

The fact that the Remain campaign also uses Eastern European trolling farms and used Lord Bell of PR firm Bell-Pottinger to make the campaign Racism vs Anti-Racism, when Brexit really had nothing to do with race, seems to have gone unnoticed. See Big Business attack Brexit.

Branson pays trolls and lives in Virgin Islands Tax Haven

The most interesting feature of all of this is that the pro-Banker/Multinational broadcast media are using this story of Russian intervention globally without mentioning that many countries provide “trolling services”. The same “Project Paranoia” about the Russians is being spun worldwide. This shows that the Banker/Multinational coalition are organised and very dangerous. See Globalization.

The Internationalist Multinational-Banker coalition actually set up the Remain campaign in the UK. Yes, really. It was US funding that started the StrongerIn campaign and Remain used foreign banks such as Goldman Sachs (a particularly dubious US investment bank) and multinationals such as RyanAir and BMW to spread Project Fear. US President Obama even told the UK voters how to vote!

Finally it turns out, only 75p was spent by the Russians in the Referendum campaign on Facebook.

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