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Policing and Numbers


Numbers can be important.

Remember that number.  900

One has to be aware that stories on Twitter gain a life and currency all of their own.  The same can be said, at least in part, by reports on MSM such as the BBC, SkyNews and ITV News and of course, when you add-in the potential of #FakeNews, it can be hard to believe anything that is reported, these days.

But 900.

Today’s news stories are full of the horrific tale of 90 year-old Iris Warner. She was apparently beaten, while in her bed, by someone who broke into her North London home.  The injuries she suffered are terrifyingly graphic – awful bruising on the face and limbs,  Simply awful.  The Metropolitan Police are investigating.


We heard the story the other day, of a Polish immigrant lady of 100 years, who was attacked, while on her way to church, had her neck broken and has now died.  I suppose the death cannot be directly attributed to the attack but I can only begin to imagine the fear and the effect it had on that woman.  It must have been incredibly hard to have the will to live after surviving the Nazis, to then suffer so, in ‘peaceful’ Britain.

We have also heard from Cressida Dick, London’s Commissioner of Police – the head of the Metropolitan Police.  At a time, when we hear almost daily reports of stabbings and shootings, across London, when more than 60 people have been murdered, already this year, and, for a short time, the murder rate in London, was greater than in New York,  Ms Dick has said that London’s murder rates are ‘not that bad’.  She seemed to suggest that, since the murder rate, in 2006, was 250, for the whole year, that the reduction we are seeing now is something to be applauded.  Dare she say that to the families of the victims?

Incidentally, for history buffs, 2006 was when London’s Mayor was another ‘right-on’ Labour extremist called Ken Livingstone, just as today it is Sadiq Khan.  So much easier to waffle-on about gender-free toilets and other issues or on Brexit, over which the London Mayor has no mandate whatsoever, than to actually do the job for which you were elected!


London’s violent crime wave – and do not for one minute think it is anything else – is down to three factors.

Immigrant gangs that are competing for supremacy and control of London’s trade in illegal drugs.

Metropolitan Police that are led by Common Purpose politically inspired chiefs who are more concerned with the media image of the police and forever posturing and virtue signaling and driving for ever increasing funding, than with actually fighting crime.

Politicians of all political hues who place the civil liberties of criminals above those of the general population.


Doesn’t it amaze you, how the police can find the funds to re-paint their cars to celebrate Gay Pride and steward marches that promote virulent anti-Semitism but can’t actually patrol the streets?

How do you feel, when politicians, who have armed police guarding them, preach about the need for tolerance and how ‘stop and search’ is so wrong?

That number, 900.  That is the number of Metropolitan Police that are assigned to desks to monitor the internet for hate crime.  How ‘hate crime’ is defined is between the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.  You must remember the CPS – they’re the ones who have been so politically motivated to pursue and punish rapists that they regularly don’t fulfill their statutory duty to hand over to the defence, any information that might aid the defence – got to get those convictions, at any cost!

But those 900 police – sitting in front of computer screens and looking for ‘offensive’ words which someone might claim ‘hurt’ them.  I’d venture to suggest that a knife inserted into the abdomen or acid splashed into the face are somewhat more hurtful than a word or two in a Tweet. That’s the trouble with seeing through the idiocy of political correctness.

I was going to write about a number other than 900.

I was going to write about the number 72.  That’s the ‘alleged’ number of victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.  I say ’alleged’ because it now seems that some of those of whom it was claimed they died in the fire, and for whom their families have made compensation claims, didn’t actually exist or live in Grenfell Tower.  The number of false claims, by people who abuse the overwhelming sense of human solidarity that was shown after the fire, is sickening.  I have lost count of that number but it’s in double digits, I believe.

I suggest that having those 900 police on the streets instead of behind a desk might deter some gang member from committing murder.

I suggest that having police target ‘stop and search’ and dramatically increase its deployment might save lives and certainly wouldn’t unduly hamper the lives of most law-abiding citizens.  Indeed, many would say, if it took guns and knives off of the streets of our cities, then the occasional inconvenience is a price worth paying.

The ‘inconvenience’ of stop and search could be minimized if the police acted based on profiling of criminals.  That 70 year-old nun or the 100 year-old woman on her way to church, probably isn’t ‘packing’ but that wanna-be gangsta might be.

I suggest that the police have a policy of relentlessly pursuing those moped-riding thugs that are terrorizing the streets. Currently the police hold-off of full throttle pursuit (and the criminals know this) because the police are concerned about potential traffic accidents.

Of course to do this, would require resources.  So how about taking those 900 police – and that is just London – and putting them out on the street?  How about getting police off of Twitter and onto the streets – a visible deterrent to real crime instead of seeking out people who think ‘wrong’.

I would try to suggest that politicians change and ditch their PC obsession but looking at the anti-democratic activities of so many politicians, around Brexit,  one is fast coming to the conclusion that there are very few democratic politicians around these days and that for democracy to survive, a whole new political paradigm shift is needed.  But that’s another blog!

Naturally, I also suggest that Sadiq Khan resign or be impeached or somehow be legally removed from office and that Cressida Dick be fired.  Indeed, based on comments from other top police leaders, I’d suggest that all Police Chiefs and their deputies should be fired and that one requirement for their successor is that they weren’t fast tracked into the job.

Two other numbers to contemplate, when you hear people say that we need these 900 Metropolitan Police to combat right-wing extremism on Twitter.  34 and 1.  34 is the number of innocent people killed last year, in the UK, in terror attacks perpetrated in the name of the religion we cannot name.  1 is the murder of an innocent victim, some say, racist-inspired, outside Finsbury Park mosque.

To me though, that makes one number 35 – 35 innocent victims, who, for all of the attention of the internet watchers, weren’t given the protection they deserve.  Just like Iris Warner wasn’t and neither was Zofija Kaczan – that’s the name of that 100 year old victim.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Excellent article Tom, excellent: Policing cuts are disgraceful enough on their own in the light of the crime spikes, especially in London. Wasting 900 on thought police is just plain shocking. One wonders how many lives are ‘expendable’.