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Norway only adopts 1 in 5 of all EU laws

EEA ACquis

Since the prime minister claimed back in October, during his concerted effort to smear EFTA/EEA countries, that Norway “accepts about three quarters of EU rules”, this untruth has become a commonly used argument from remain campaigners across social media. It is a favourite myth of remain politicians from all parties. It adds to the manyuntruths told about Norway in this debate, from the money it pays, to the influence it exerts. As for the Norway “fax democracy” myth, that’s a tired old canard that ignores theinternational elephant in the room.

The Leave Alliance has contacted the EFTA Secretariat, which administers the EEA agreement, and they report that 10,862 acts have been incorporated into the EEA Agreement since its inception in 1992 (see screen-shot above).

Very often, though, acts repeal other acts, and some acts are time-limited as cease to have an effect. Taking this into account, there are 4,957 acts remaining in force today.

By contrast, the very latest count of the EU laws in force (today) stands at 23,076. As a percentage of that number, the EEA acquis of 4,957 acts currently stands at 21 percent. In effect, the EEA (and thus Norway) only has to adopt one in five of all EU laws – not the three-quarters that is claimed.

The only valid measure is a comparison between laws currently in force. We are making the comparison between the total number of laws on the books of the EU and of the EEA – the laws currently in force. That brings the figure to 21 percent, which can be regarded as definitive at this time.

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The post was originally published by the author 23 February 2016.

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