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Meghan and Harry – the Relatives from Hell?

Yesterday the mass media finally proved that it was insane.  Meghan, a woman who, by European standards is white skinned, was held to be black and hence the victim of racism.  Harry, a full grown man, happily derided his own family on prime-time TV.  The interview is strong evidence that the Mainstream Media has huge problems.

The story runs that a young, American, black girl was swept off her feet by the handsome Prince but when they returned to the palace the welcoming smiles turned to ice cold British indifference.  She was desperate to forge relationships but was turned down by all her in-laws, because she was black.  She was sensitive and felt they were driving her insane and as a saint suffers for our sins, so she suffered so that all those poor souls suffering from COVID blues would know that she too suffers and understands.  Eventually the brutish British with their stiff upper lips and formality drove the poor girl to consider suicide.   Her handsome Prince stuck by her, relinquishing his titles, and took her to the Land of the Free and safety where racism is being tackled by the brave and holy mainstream media.  The Royal Family have even punished her children by withdrawing the titles of Prince or Princess.

This is such a good fairy tale that the mainstream media have run with it globally.  It is honed by Harry and Meghan, probably mostly Meghan, to mesh with mainstream media racism and coverage of mental health and so gain maximum exposure for them.

The truth is different, a 39 year old, white skinned American actress got into bed with one of the Queen’s grandsons.  Three years older than the rather immature Harry, she led the pair.  She had been married before but she put her career first and ended up divorced.  She fell out with her father.

Only her mother was invited to the royal wedding out of all her relations.

Meghan and Harry moved to England, which she hated.  She found herself upstaged by Kate Middleton and the comparisons between her and Kate in the press have been called “racist” but there is nothing racist about them (See this summary).  Although its was Kate who was the one who was married to the heir to the throne, Meghan believed that it was she who should be feted and given an easy time in public life.  She could only make a mark by playing her black heritage card but this was not how she had seen her future as a glittering royal.   As her minor role became apparent she lobbied Harry to take her home.  The impressionable Harry allowed himself to “tell all” in public about his own family, dishonouring himself in the eyes of decent people forever. Despite all of this her children will be called “Prince” or “Princess” when William or Charles become king, as is the custom.

Nice but dim idiot Prince meets American careerist is the true story.  It really is Edward and Mrs Simpson all over again but with a vicious courting of the media.  Harry is never going home now.

I would expect a divorce in the next five years.  If a woman loved a man she would not burn his boats so that he could never return home and would not estrange her children from her husband’s family.  Ms Markle is simply a spoilt and selfish actress and will leave when Harry’s limited funds are spent and their “celebrity” stales.

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