Friday , June 21 2024

Joining this trade bloc will free us from our reliance on the EU and China

For five years, Britain has been vying to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). Three years ago, Liz Truss announced the UK was the first non-founding country to formally apply for membership. Now, we might finally be on the cusp of admission to the collection of countries, a long-promised prize of Brexit.

The CPTPP is a growing community of countries who want to trade freely and escape a continued dependence on China and Russia, both economically and politically. Current members include Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Joining represents a big step forward in crafting Britain’s post-Brexit free trade policy, not to mention the benefits of being seen to step up to the plate in offering leadership the free world in the wake of Russia’s war-waging and China’s genocide in Xinjiang, authoritarianism in Hong Kong and threats to Taiwan.

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