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Jeremy Corbyn is a Serial Liar

I have said many times that socialists always lie, because if they told the truth nobody would vote for them. This applies just as much to Jeremy Corbyn as it did to Tony Blair. Unfortunately many people are too dim, too naive or too brainwashed to see through this, especially gullible young people with little experience or understanding of life.

When Corbyn issued a publicity shot of himself sitting on a train floor saying it was “ram packed” it was easy for Richard Branson to expose the lie (one of 7 lies from this one episode) using CCTV footage. Corbyn was trying to use this lie to add weight to his campaign to re-nationalise the railways. Yet when they were nationalised they were so execrably bad that people tried not to use them. They only carried half the number of passengers that they do now.

When the IRA were blowing up women and children in Britain the traitor Corbyn was giving them succor and support. He now says he was seeking peace. This is a blatant lie as everybody who was involved at the time agrees. He is trying to reinvent history.

Margaret Thatcher famously said that socialists always run out of other people’s money. A truth that Corbyn was determined to prove at the last general election when he promised free stuff for everyone with no way of paying for it, other than the Magic Money Tree. He said the manifesto was “costed”, but only if you suffered from dyscalculia. This costing was, in reality, a whopping lie. He especially targeted the free stuff campaign lies at young people because they are the most inexperienced and gullible. So when he said “deal with” student loans he really meant “not deal with”. The amazing thing is that he is now trying to say that this lie was not a lie, which is pure cognitive dissonance.

The above letter is brilliant. Corbyn uses made up lies all the time as “facts” to say that more free stuff is needed, that the government isn’t spending enough or to propagate class warfare. The press never check up on these lies, so he gets away with it. But this time, in Telford, he has been called to task.

Corbyn continually calls for a kinder, gentler politics. But this is a massive lie. All his life he has supported and encouraged anti democratic street thuggery. He can’t win at the ballot box so he thinks this will work instead.

The above Tweet is a downright, bare faced lie, as Corbyn well knows, he was an MP then. It was Margaret Thatcher who ended apartheid, she was an egalitarian who hatred vested interests, such as those the whites had in South Africa. She sent Robin Renwick, now Baron Renwick of Clifton, to South Africa as Ambassador with a crack diplomatic team. They negotiated and managed the transition to multiracial democracy, including bringing ANC members to England for training at the Civil Service Staff College, so they would be able to take over and run the country. You can read all about this in Renwick’s book: “Fighting with Allies, A Journey with Margaret Thatcher”.

A big part of Corbyn’s catalogue of lies is that we are all worse off under the Conservatives. The above ONS graph exposes the lies. In fact the big problem was the Labour government between 2005 and 2010. A problem that the Conservatives have fixed.

Corbyn not only lies about our prosperity, he also lies about how it is distributed across society, saying the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer. The opposite is true. Obvious really when the Conservatives tax poor people far less than Labour did and have raised the minimum wage well ahead of inflation whilst taxing the rich far harder than Gordon Brown did. The above graph shows the effect.

Oh yes, Corbyn lied about the election results too. As you might expect.

In fact Corbyn lies all the time, far too often to list here. But a few more are: Corbyn lied to Red Pepper saying had had “never had any higher education of any sort,” the truth is that he dropped out of North London Polytechnic, with yet another lie  Corbyn claimed Labour gained seats at the last Welsh assembly election: “the assembly election results, we gained some seats as well as losing one,” in truth the party’s number of Senedd seats fell from 30 to 29; Labour won no extra seats at the May poll, and lost Rhondda to Plaid Cymru, Corbyn lied that Labour Party membership, at 540,000 was the biggest it’s ever been. In truth it was much higher between 1945 and 1980 more than a million in 1951, Corbyn denied that he’d said article 50 should be immediately invoked, a lie because he said it  the day after the vote, on the BBC. He really just can’t help himself.

And finally here is a handy list that someone on Twitter put together. Not surprising that Corbyn now has the hashtag #conmancorbyn there:

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