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Independence day cancelled or the death of the UK?

29th March was the day that the UK should have been celebrating independence.

It feels like the EU Nationalists have won.  It feels like all that is left is the clean up job where they suppress all coverage of the struggle for independence and move towards a rigged second Referendum in a year or two to whitewash their actions.

There is still a flicker of hope that we might be Independent on the 12th of April.

Whether this happens or not reward your EU Nationalist MPs by never voting for them again, remember: they don’t work for you, they work for the EU.

If there is a long extension to Article 50 we will not be independent this time round.  The EU is a powerful and dangerous enemy but it can be beaten. Next time we will need to control Parliament to be Independent so start voting out the party colleagues of Remainer MPs at the next Local Elections.

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