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In 2017 strikes should be illegal

At its very simplest an employee contracts to provide their labour in return for a remuneration package. If that employee then withdraws their labour then they are in gross breach of their contract, freeing the employer to sack them and to sue them for any harm done to the business. But this isn’t allowed because of socialist laws that allow employees to engage in industrial terrorism. So they do. And when they do they cause harm. Harm to the business that employs them, harm to the customers of that business (usually the public) and harm to themselves. It is no coincidence that industries experiencing the most strikes are the industries suffering the greatest job losses.

The workers must have felt very proud all the times they went on strike in the Clyde shipyards, in the Longbridge car factory, in the Liverpool and London Docks, in the coal mines and in the steel mills. But now they don’t have jobs, their children don’t have jobs and often their neighbourhoods are blighted and depressed. They don’t feel so proud now.

Obviously the big problem here isn’t just the individual workers, it is “organised labour”, the trade unions who have zero care for their members, just so long as they can make political points. But the workers are stupid enough to believe the trade unions and to engage in industrial terrorism when they are told to.

Of course the trade unions, whilst destroying British industry, also destroy themselves. Between 1979 and today trade union membership has more than halved, from 13.2 million to 6.2 million, and it is now falling faster than ever, losing 275,000 members last year. All this is extremely good news, the less trade unionism we have the better off we are as a nation.

We are moving to more flexible working where the needs of employers and employees are better matched. So now nearly 5 million people are self employed, there are more than 3.5 (mostly small) limited companies and 1.7 million people are enjoying zero hours contracts. All this represents a highly efficient non striking workforce who mostly despise the trade unions.

Of course some workers in the UK aren’t allowed to strike; police and the military. In the USA the Railway Labor Act bans most industrial activity by airline and railroad employees, most states ban industrial action either of all public employees or of “critical ” employees. In 1978 Jimmy Carter fired striking postal workers and in 1981 Ronald Reagan sacked the air traffic controllers.

Meanwhile railway and London Tube staff in the UK hold the country to ransom with frequent strikes. Central Line “drivers” aren’t necessary, computers drive the trains, but the trade union insists the drivers remain to open and close the doors, for which they get paid more than a doctor. Likewise South East trains have experienced years of intermittent industrial action from vastly overpaid employees which has caused immense economic harm to Great Britain. If we could sack all these people when they strike we could bring some much needed sense to these problems. Their jobs are just semi skilled, so it is easy to train replacements.

Recently, nearly 1,000 hospital cleaners in London took intermittent industrial action for more money, organised by the disgusting Unite union. Industrial blackmail. This brings real harm to vulnerable patients. If they were sacked they could easily be replaced tomorrow by people happy with the existing wage. Unite are also organising a long strike of refuse workers in Birmingham over management plans to save the public money by increasing efficiency. Rat infested rubbish has been piling up in the streets for weeks and when brave volunteers remove it in the interests of public health Unite call them scabs. Once again sacking them all is the solution.

Now some may say that making strikes illegal gives too much power to the management. This is utter rubbish.

  • Most workers in the UK manage perfectly OK without strikes or the possibility of strikes.
  • There is a national minimum wage that protects remuneration.
  • Less Luddite trade unions are happy to make no strike agreements with employers.
  • If anyone doesn’t like their job, instead of striking they should go and get a different job.

It is in the national interests, the interests of the public and the interests of workers to make strikes illegal. To have a culture that regards them as stupid. We should not have to suffer the harm inflicted on millions by a handful of highly politicised industrial terrorists.

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  1. Isaac Anderson

    Hello Bruce,

    I wouldn’t go so far as to ban them, as I do think they do have a role. However, there could indeed be room for tightening the restrictions further. Personally I agree with the Tube drivers against automated trains – the risk of them being hacked in this terrorist-prone era I find tips the balance.