Monday , June 17 2024

Great Britain delivers

The people have spoken. We have stood up to Project Fear and shown a desire to forge a way ahead in the world. Britain has a brave new future.

This site was set up to make a small contribution to ensuring an honest debate. If the people of Britain were to choose to Remain, it was our hope that we would do so with eyes open. If the result was to Leave, it is in full knowledge of the challenges ahead too.

In a political environment that is increasingly nepotistic, there has been a huge wake up call for our representatives to reconnect. Amidst threats of delaying, ignoring and acting against the desires of the British public, the public have had our say.

It should not be forgotten, however, that 48% have voted against taking ownership of our own destiny. It is also important for those politicians who have campaigned against the majority act in a way to ensure that we maintain a close, friendly and harmonious relationship with our neighbours.

We are not breaking away from the European Union, we are changing the nature of our relationship. We will still buy EU goods, as long as they do not put up barriers. It is in everybody’s interest to work together for future prosperity across our continent.

There will be time ahead to make a more detailed analysis of the issues. The political landscape has to change in many ways.

The time is right for Britain to remind itself what makes us great. History may be in the past but it has a habit of repeating itself. Britain has given much to the world. She has stood up to dictatorships and, with the help of our Commonwealth, American and global friends, helped keep Europe free, whether from Napoleon, Hitler or the Soviet bloc.

We have been pioneers in world trade, the Industrial Revolution and technology. London 2012 demonstrated in the sporting environment our ability to excel beyond our means. Those Olympics were a cultural celebration too, surrounded by a positive mood of friendliness and optimism.

Britain also has a reputation for the stiff upper lip. We can move ahead, knowing that we have the steely character to proceed in a measured way, not to mention with good humour.

Now that the membership issue has been resolved, let us move ahead with a global perspective. Our friends will still be our friends. We can enjoy better relationships with all of the.

Britain is a positive nation. We have to move ahead in that spirit.

About Rex N

Rex is a freelance writer in medical affairs, economics and sport. A former teacher and examiner of Economics, his interest in European Union affairs took root when discovering the depths of the Maastricht Treaty. He is a committed democrat having campaigned for a popular vote to decide on further integration measures, based on fact rather than spin.

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