Friday , June 21 2024

Good riddance, Matt Hancock

It is welcome news that Matt Hancock has resigned – though Boris Johnson should have sacked him. After all, as early as last year, he called him “f*cking hopeless.”

Matt Hancock represents the worst in politicians – or rather yet human beings. This is a man who used his position having control over public money to award PPE contracts to his friends (using his private email) and hire his mistress and enrich her brother. This is a man who released COVID infected elderly people from hospital and into care homes – leading to an untold number of deaths – and then lied about it. This is a man who, with Michael Gove, was the biggest cheerleader for imprisoning the nation in lockdown while not following it himself. His hypocrisy is breathtaking and represents a strand of pyschopathy. On top of that, he let his wife and three children learn about his disgrace through the news – and then he uses the occasion to leave them. This is the man who said he is a “freedom loving Conservative” who would “cry freedom” once the most vulnerable age groups were vaccinated only to keep restrictions in place when the UK is literally vaccinating teenagers. For those who say the decision to keep lockdown in place is the Prime Minister’s- that is true. But it was Hancock who was over the Department of Health and hid key information from the Prime Minister to keep restrictions going past June 21st.

If Matt Hancock was merely having an affair, this publication would have no comment – after all the Prime Minister famously has a colourful private life and we backed him for Conservative party leader and Prime Minister. If he merely was a lockdown advocate, though we would strongly advocate against him, we would not attack him as a person. But Matt Hancock is a corrupt, vile, authoritarian hypocrite. That man should have never been in a position of authority – let alone telling people who they could love and see while he does not follow the rules he imposed on the populace.

Hopefully, lockdown goes the way of Matt Hancock soon- it has become a farce people can’t dance at their wedding or enjoy a beer at a bar while Matt Hancock can commit adultery with his taxpayer funded mistress in government offices and UEFA bigwigs are exempt from them. The people must be free. No longer having the odious Hancock in power is a good step towards that freedom.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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