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Europe Must Fight Back or Die. The UK must #Brexit

What do you think it will take for the elite that are running Europe into the ground, to wake-up and recognise the existential threat that they have allowed to grow, in their own countries?  How many in Paris?  How many in London?  How many in Brussels?  How many in Madrid?

Angela Merkel and those European leaders that still listen to her continue to adopt policies of appeasement.  Policies that open Europe’s doors to people that will commit more and more atrocities in Europe.   The latest was to try and come to some kind of arrangement, as blackmail is now described, with Turkey.  That this deal is with the odious and undemocratic Turkish regime, is conveniently overlooked.  So is the almost certain condition that this agreement is in contravention of international law.  Such trivialities are brushed aside by the elite – nothing to see here, move along.

I was going to say ‘here’s a prediction’ and then go on to say that the deal won’t work but I was unable to keep up with events.  There are migrants in Greece who Turkey cannot or more likely will not take and so the deal has no merit, other than to try and con voters within the EU, that something is being done.

I posted here in the aftermath of the November, Paris attacks.  In the intervening period, nothing much has changed.  The sale of French national flags and now those of Belgium have increased.  Same applies to candles and the jars in which they are placed.  No doubt flowers and cuddly toys have also seen sustained sales growth.  However, substantive change?  Nothing.

Don’t believe me?  Consider the following.

One of the Paris killers had been living in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek prior to the November 13, attacks.  After the attacks, there were very strong indications that  Salah Abdesalam had returned to Brussels.  Cue a flurry of activity and then …. nothing.  Maybe that lack of success was due to the Belgian police not being able to carry out  raids between 9.00 pm and 5.00 am.  Certainly that would have contributed to the failure exhibited by the Brussels police but they were also very reluctant to upset the local residents of the suburb, which has become a largely immigrant ghetto.

Eventually Abdesalam was apprehended, last week.  Good news, until you consider that he was caught within a mile or two of his previous address. Oh, and it took Belgium 4 months to find him!

When he was arrested, some members of the ghetto population came onto the streets to protest and berate the police. Clearly, some of the Muslim community in Molenbeek were sheltering and protecting him.  Why else would they do this unless they shared in his murderous philosophy?

Belgium has a large problem with extremist Muslims.  For many years, Brussels was seen as a safe haven for Islamic terrorists – many speculated that there was an unwritten compact between Belgian authorities and these killers.  The former wouldn’t actively pursue the latter and the terrorists wouldn’t visit their trademark killings on the streets of Belgium.  That has changed, with the advent of Daesh.  Belgium has the highest per capita contribution of fighters that have gone to Syria and Iraq to join Daesh.  Some of these murderers have returned ‘home’ and now want to visit their jihad on their host countries.  They will be aided in this by those Daesh that are flooding into Europe at the invitation of Angela Merkel, certain other European leaders and various celebrities and other ‘useful fools’.

Consider some numbers.  Reasonable estimates are that last year, Europe was invaded by more than a million migrants.  At least he same number is expected, this year. Let’s stay with last year though. What percentage might be Daesh?  5% would get you 50,000.  1/2% would get you 5,000.  Let’s go with 0.0005% – that will get you 500 killers.  500 men and women who are experienced in killing, trained in bombing and firmly believe that they will defeat and conquer the soft, decadent and corrupt Europeans.  Think the 500 number is too high?  Consider, the UK has, last year, allowed back 800 of its citizens who had previously left the UK and gone to fight for Daesh.

I really don’t think the 500 is high, much more likely a great understatement.

Point is that keeping Europe’s doors open will only serve to increase the number of Daesh, in our midst and add to the frequency of attacks and the number of victims.

Here is a challenge for you.  Ask your political representatives how many migrants Europe is supposed to be able to absorb?  What will be a number at which, once reached, the European elite will say ‘OK, that’s enough now’.  1 million last year, another million this year, enough or do we keep on inviting them in?  Then ask your representative how are these to be accommodated?  Who will build and pay for the extra housing, schools and hospitals that will be needed?

The European Union (EU) must close its borders to all migrants and do so immediately.  The EU must man those borders with the military and must build fences and walls to keep out those who would bring death to Europeans and our culture.  The EU navies must turn back all of the vessels that are being used by these migrants.  Infringe the territorial waters of Turkey or Libya?   Absolutely.  So what.  Just do it.  Libya is a failed state and can do nothing and Turkey must be brought into line.  Turkey must understand that their facilitation of the invasion of Europe, must cease.

The foregoing only addresses the growing external threat.  In terms of the internal threat, strong measures need to be undertaken.  There can be no ‘no go’ areas or ghettos in Europe’s cities.  The police, supported if required by the military, must re-establish the rule of law – and I do not mean Shariah law – in these areas.  They must search and find all illegal aliens and then deport them.  The so called Human Rights laws need to be suspended for these people.  They have zero regard for the human rights of others.  Yesterday they took away, forever, the human rights of 34 people. In Paris they did the same for 130 people.  We simply cannot allow this cancer to exist in our midst.  Radical surgery is called for.  Do you think that Daesh consider ‘political correctness’?  If they do, it is only to know how useful it is, to them in ‘guilting’ Europeans.  Anyone that says anything honest or slightly negative or questioning about Islam is automatically a racist.  Say that and the Left and the media and all those well meaning liberals get on your case and perform a hatchet job on you.  Of course, being a figurative hatchet job, it’s not as good as what Daesh can do themselves but it does have the effect of silencing people.  Every time I hear these liberals and Lefties supporting Daesh, I am reminded of the quote attributed to Lenin, which talks of the ‘bankers selling the Communists, the very rope with which the bankers would be hanged’

In closing, a request.  Don’t put flowers or lighted-candles on street corners.   Don’t post Je Suis…. on social media.  Instead use that energy to tell your elected representatives.  Enough!

Oh, and as for me.  If I wasn’t convinced before, Brussels confirms that the only choice for the UK is Brexit.

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Tom is an English Conservative Christian currently working as a Finance Manager in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. When not in Iraq, his home is in Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom; also the hometown of Margaret Thatcher.

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