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Equality is a flawed Ideology

Whether it be equality of outcome of equality of opportunity, these theories are deeply flawed, one certainly more than the other. Lets begin on one most of us can get behind, one I actually support “in theory” but in practice is nothing more than Utopian.  Yes we as people deserve the same opportunities as others, from our upbringing we should have two parents, able to provide, an education system, able to teach and educate all equally, and a way to forge ourselves as people in society.

This sounds great! But will it ever happen? Certainly not, at least not if we value freedom.

The idea that every child is born the same is false. So right from birth and many times even before birth we find ourselves facing challenges not faced equally by all, birth defects, perhaps your mum smoked a cigarette, or drank a few too many. Perhaps we avoided all that, now we are the superior ones, those of privilege.

So now all you privileged kids, what happens next? Perhaps one of your grandparents dies, perhaps your mother ends the marriage with your father? So now we’ve just ruined equality of upbringing.

How about equality of outcome, since now you’re a victim… as a government do we compensate that? Take it easy on him at school? But if we do that… what happened to treating all the kids fairly? What if Billy is smarter than Tommy? Do we give them the same test? or should Billy take a test for smarter people? This way the smart kids will be equal, but wait… how will Tommy feel about Billy being smarter? Why is Billy more equal than Tommy?

Welcome to the world of Liberal politics, where we must balance everything on the equality-o-meter.

My suggestion? How about we focus on justice! Lets a society come together and make things just rather than equal, if a soccer team wins and the other loses, than give the winners a trophy, why? Because its the right thing to do, its just.

There is no such thing as true equally, it is a political fallacy, an unattainable goal, and even if it was, would we want it? Such is the world where children are treated the same in a court as a 45 year old murderer, or where the testimony of a doctor is equal to that of a drug addict.

Its time to begin to structure curriculum around justice rather than equality, take it out of the text books even. We hear it so often as a standard of which we strive to achieve, yet its achievement is impossible, as well as unjust. End equality, strive for what is just, not equal.

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