Saturday , May 25 2024

EP: 6 “AUKUS, Global Britain, British Integrated Security Review” | GUEST Ted Yarbrough

The sixth episode from Commonwealth News Podcast, with your hosts Daniel Cave, Laurence Marshall and BRAND NEW Co-host Simon Crundell. In this episode we discuss AUKUS with Ted Yarbrough, an American lawyer & writer, also Co-founder of the Daily Globe. Simon Crundell also talks about the British Integrated Security Review.


0:00 Intro

1:35 Top 3 Stories Recently

1:48 Insulate Britain Protesters

6:22 Peter Nygård, Sex Trafficking Charge

8:20 New Zealand Opposition Says UK left Door Open For China

10:00 Guess The Headline

17:08 “AUKUS” – Guest Interview – Ted Yarbrough

1:08:40 British Integrated Security Review

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A podcast with big guests, talking about all things CANZUK, politics and current affairs. The Commonwealth News podcast interviews people from across the political spectrum and around the globe on the Commonwealth News podcast. They also go out in the street to talk to the everyday members of the public, to find out their views and we will also be holding debates.

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