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Condemnation by medical experts

Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans were condemned by the both the medical experts and the UK courts. So their lives were taken away, by force of the court order.

In Australia, Noah Wall was similarly condemned by medical experts for not having a brain. But his parents went with their heart. And thankfully the courts did not condemn him, nor did the medical experts take their parents to court. This boy is now 6 years old with a brain that is 80% of normal human size.

The fundamental problem is that experts should not overreach. Experts are only experts in what they know, but there is plenty they do not know. This means that there is always a possibility that they are wrong, and so they should never force their choices onto others, especially if it involves the matter of life and death.

Except the UK has a culture that reveres the NHS and its high priests. The experts say it, so it must be so. In many ancient cultures, the “experts” commanded human sacrifice. By not valuing the principle of individual liberty, we are repeating the same morally vile mistake.

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