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Are you Woke?

I was chatting to a neighbour at my garden gate today and he said “these Woke people remind me of the Baptists when I was a boy, telling you what you can and cannot do”.  I said “at least the Baptists were real, do you actually know anyone who is Woke?”.

My neighbour was just reacting to the endless Woke polemic on the media. However, I do know a few people who are Woke and people who have been victims of the Woke.

Only yesterday I was talking to a friend whose adult daughter took great exception to the word “negro”.  My friend is old enough to remember that “black” was the favoured word of the Afrikaans who supported Apartheid and she used “negro” to avoid what had, in her youth, been the execrable term “black”. The daughter accused her of racism and was threatening to stop talking to her mother.  How hateful.  This is really nasty behaviour.

Woke means elevating ID politics to the level of fanaticism.  When you are Woke you practice hate speech non-stop.  You condemn and judge everyone who fails to live up to your specious moral code and you revel in social bullying.

I looked at JK Rowling’s Twitter feed during her recent persecution by the Woke and was horrified at the way it dripped foul hatred.  There was a level of nastiness that exceeded anything that the worst far right racist might have said.

We can all see who are the real bad guys. They don’t just do this to Rowling.

I was at a garden party last week and a lady in her sixties was describing Rowling as a right winger who revelled in hate speech.  I looked around at the faces in the group and realised that no-one was going to challenge her, not least because she was joined by a friend from London who lived in Islington.  To my shame I said nothing because I did not wish to polarise the group beyond repair.Why did these two individuals feel they could bully the group?  Why did they believe themselves to be the arbiters of morality like latter day Baptists?  They were not really Woke, they were just revelling in the power of judging and condemning. They think they are in the majority because the broadcasters tell them they are.  They are like the old people of the nineteen sixties who jiggled their double chins at anything they considered “immoral”.

The Woke in 1970

Where is the heart of Woke?  It is mainly the broadcast media and the Corporate Elite. It is perpetuated by those who have created the giant miasma that we call the media.  It is oiled by the experts in creative writing and literary criticism who serve this new media religion.  Unfortunately this new religion knows that our politicians cannot easily survive without it.The Woke are more noxious and dangerous to democracy than anything we have seen since the 1930s because they are being actively supported by the Corporate Media.  They must be stopped.The Conservatives have a one-off chance to fix this.  They have four clear years.  They can set in motion recruitment policies for the BBC that expel Postmodernists, Poststructuralists and Postmarxists (the politically correct and woke).  It is absurd that the vast majority of BBC staff seem to be opposed to free speech or fail to lift a finger to defend it.

The laws against hate speech must be repealed and the old laws of conspiracy and assault etc. used to prosecute those who attack others.

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