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A Summary of Opinion Polls on #Brexit

The EU Nationalists in Parliament are attempting to ensure that the UK stays tied to the EU.  What do the opinion polls say?

This is what You Gov (click here to see all) has found:

However the “No Deal will be an apocalypse” propaganda has been more successful than the previous version of Project Fear with a majority of Britons opposing a Brexit delay but also opposing leaving without a deal (possibly incompatible options):

However, the Comres findings differ when the question is put in terms of honouring the Referendum.  The Comres Polls (click here) show that of the options available at present only leaving without a deal is considered to clearly honour the referendum:

If May’s deal is voted down again the polls are clear that the UK should just leave:

There can be no doubt that MPs are not representing the views of the population in general. They are not “detached”, they know exactly what they are doing, they are EU Nationalists who have given each other a leg-up to help their cause.  This is a lesson for the future, if you want MPs who represent YOU then do not select or vote for EU Nationalists, they represent the EU.

Fortunately the electorate is aware of what is going on as this last clip from the COMRES poll shows: 

Don’t let them forget. Remind the voters at every poll how the constituency MPs behaved.

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