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A National Disgrace and Bre(xit)trayal

A disgraceful thing happened yesterday. Parliament, having blocked, decelerated and harried Britain’s exit from the EU for two years, decided to delay Brexit. May had said a great many times that No Deal is better than a Bad Deal, but refused to acknowledge that hers was a bad deal, despite the overwhelming majority of the electorate and Parliament being against it.

Parliament did not really need to be involved in Brexit, but that was not a problem. The Problem is that Parliament does not represent the people, but is rather controlled by a group of people who were voted in on the condition they would put Brexit into action. But today, 412 actively voted against the will of the people.

We weren’t asked if we wanted to leave the EU with a deal or to remain in the EU.

We weren’t asked if we wanted a No Deal Brexit, or to remain in the EU. (Although Project Fear pushed No Deal as Brexit).

We were asked if we wanted to leave the EU. And we said yes.

And all the nonsense about it not being legally binding is just that – nonsense: non legally binding referenda cannot exist in a representative Democracy. People may not like the results of the referendum, but it is like a General Election. And to oppose the result reveals one to be as much of a technocrat as one is.

Now, we will have to rely on our European Allies to help; to defeat the extension only the disapproval of one European nation is needed. But one thing did ensure – most of our MPs have betrayed their voters. And yes, I did use the term betray because that is what they did. They were elected to put Brexit into action. They voted today to defer Brexit until an unspecified future time. Effectively, they voted to overturn Article 50. Effectively, they voted to overturn Brexit.

To say that we will not leave the EU without a deal removed entirely from the table what little leverage we have in the negotiations have been removed. At this point, the Commission has no reason what so ever to compromise and work together: The EU has us precisely where they want us – insecure, outflanked and helpless. And the Prime Minister has either been supremely foolish in her negotiations, or she has an ulterior motive. In either case, she should not continue in office. Another example of the willful chaos that exists in Parliament today was shown when the Brexit Secretary speaks in favour of a Government motion, and then votes against it.

So we are stuck in a Political Purgatory, unable to leave and be free from the autocratic controls of the EU, but we cannot equally enjoy the benefits – and there are indeed benefits – of remaining in the EU. We will be an everlasting rule taker: Parliament, supposedly attempting to get out of the backstop has placed the entire nation into something equally reprehensible as foreign control over an integral part of the United Kingdom.

The very MPs who were elected to put Brexit into action acted to stop it. That is a betrayal of the trust of the British Electorate.

And I don’t want to be unnecessarily political. I don’t want to be vindictive. I don’t want to be the one who cries “fire, fire” and fall into disgraceful rabble-rousing.

But for the sake of the British Constitution, we must act to ensure the MPs who have perverse the will of the people, betrayed the electorate, and behaved in truly scurrilous behaviour are not reelected to their positions. Irrespective of which party they represent, even in this time of chaos among the two major parties.

There is no point apportioning blame along party lines; there is too much to go around (and deserves its own article): The whole house – and most especially the Speaker – is disgracing themselves and their offices. If we stand by while this Constitutional Chicanery, electoral manipulation and willful ignorance, sabotage and betrayal continue, we too will have disgraced our office: The office of being British.

Co-signed by Ted Yarbrough, co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe.

About Ted Yarbrough

Ted is the co-founder and editor of the Daily Globe. He is a long-time blogger on British politics and has written a thesis on Thatcherism.

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  1. George

    What is crazy about this is that Parliament has signed its own death warrant. Given 20 years the UK will be in the Euro and power will be transferred from Westminster to Brussels.

    We are witnessing the final eclipse of Anglo-American Power and influence. First the influential British are removed then powerful, free America is neutralised by the oligarchs who believe it is their right to run it.

    The dark age may be about to begin in which Chinese Capitalism becomes the dominant global meme.