Tuesday , May 28 2024

2020 was a year of national sacrifice. Let’s make 2021 a year of national renewal

Throughout 2020 the entire nation rose to the challenge of fighting covid-19. Everyone from kids to supermarket checkout staff has acted heroically in fighting this virus.

As we look hopefully beyond the rolling lockdowns and national curbs on our freedom, I believe that 2021 can be an excellent year for this country.

First of all, we have a vaccine. The words that all of us have wanted to hear since the beginning of this pandemic. But that’s not all we have; we now have a health service of experienced NHS staff ready to fight this disease with various treatments and tests to get covid-19 under control.

This experience and these tools will be essential on beating this virus and protecting the venerable in society who can sadly die from this awful disease. The UK has already vaccinated over a million people. The fastest vaccination program in Europe. We most certainly are on the home stretch of getting our lives and freedoms back. Freedoms that must come back once this crisis is concluded.

Secondly, after years of diplomatic arguing, multiple elections, and a leadership contest, we have concluded a Brexit deal. The political mission impossible that has dominated our lives for years has been proven to be achievable.

Boris promised to secure us a deal, love him or hate him he did just that. It’s not just a deal…it’s a good deal.

So, what now for our country? We will likely be one of the first countries in Europe to break free from the covid-19 stranglehold on our freedoms. Giving our citizens and our country a much needed and well-deserved reprieve.

Once break time is over…Britain needs to take its place in the world as the free trading, freedom-loving nation that it is. Our country is one of immense potential. Working with our colleagues in the European Community, and our Anglosphere allies in CANZUK we can truly have the best of both worlds.

But why stop there? Japan and the Pacific are calling to us, imagine the potential investment of British Companies in Japan and vice versa? The possibilities are boundless when we look beyond our shores to the vast oceans and the countries in them that are now within our reach.

2020 was the year of hard knocks and national sacrifice, 2021 can be the year of national renewal. To coin a phrase…”let’s get it done”

About Joshua Chohan

Joshua Chohan is a regional executive in the Conservative party and stood in the local government elections in May. Joshua is also a member of the CANZUK international team as an associate.

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